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Acrylic Displays Plastic Stands

Wide variety of elegant clear acrylic displays for showcasing your products such as jewellery, watches die cast cars and models.
Utilize our food grade countertop pastry cases and specialized plastic stands to highlight cup cakes and other yummy bakery creations.
Perspex risers and tiered retail display stands are constructed from premium quality acrylic in clear and black gloss finishes.

Our elegant and sturdy acrylic display stands for Australia businesses come in a wide array of styles that can be used to display a variety of products such as jewellery, watches, models and even delicious bakery creations. Perspex display stands and tiered plastic display stands are constructed from premium quality acrylic in clear and black gloss finishes, brilliantly showcasing your merchandise whether it be as part of a table, shelf, window or counter-top display. Acrylic is growing in popularity with stores of all types as a lightweight and flexible alternative to materials such as glass. Get in touch to find out more about our extensive range of display stands, cases and more.

What is acrylic?

Acrylic glass – also known as perspex, plexiglass and its scientific name polymethyl methacrylate – is a transparent thermoplastic which is commonly used as a lightweight and shatter-proof alternative to glass in a range of vehicles and appliances. Acrylic is a synthetic polymer similar to polycarbonate (PC). Although not as tough as PC, it is easier to use, cheaper and free of harmful chemical substances, making it suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Acrylic has only half the density of glass yet has a much higher impact strength. It is also clearer than glass, transmitting around 92% of visible light compared to 80-90% for most types of glass.

What are acrylic displays?

Acrylic displays are shop display systems of varying shapes, styles and sizes made from acrylic glass. These displays range from small counter displays, to large cases that can be placed on a store floor or raised platform, to angled stands that fit into shelving units such as slat wall panels. Acrylic displays can be used to showcase a wide assortment of small and medium-sized merchandise, including valuable goods which can be displayed securely in a locked case. They are great for busy retail stores that might want the visual benefits offered by glass display systems but feel that glass might be a bit fragile or cumbersome for their needs.

Types of acrylic display

Acrylic displays come in a range of different styles to suit a variety of purposes:

Acrylis display risers

These are sets of ascending display stands that are available in different sizes and styles. Risers are great for displaying products such as jewellery, cosmetics and small figurines. Models include:

  • Stepped risers – these risers come in sets with ascending sizes of small, medium and large. Available in sets of 3, 4 and 6 in varying size dimensions, as well as a set of 3 in black gloss.
  • Multi tier risers – these are single-piece risers with multi-level stands. Available as a multi-directional riser with stands that fan out like a plant. Great for perfumes and models.
  • Round risers – round acrylic display risers are available as a set of 4 ascending cylinders, similar to a “medals rostrum” design, great for jewellery, ornamental goods or luxury cosmetics.

Acrylic stands

Acrylic stands are available in two styles:

  • Tiered stands – these free-standing models are multi-level in a tiered tree design. Perfect for showcasing baked goods such as cupcakes as well as cosmetics. The 30mm thick acrylic rod supports 4 square plates that decrease in size the higher up they get. The lowest stand is 300mm x 300mm and the highest stand 200mm x 200mm.
  • Slat panel holder stands – clear stands that fit into slat wall panels on fixed wall or gondola shelving systems to act as small slanted shelves. Available to fit iPads and tablets (185mm x 22mm x 247mm) and mobile phones (available in two sizes).

Acrylic stairs

Acrylic stairs are single-piece models in a “step” design that can be utilised for the display of products including bottled cosmetics or small figurines. These displays come in three different sizes:

  • Small 3-stair models – can be used in shelf, counter or table displays. Total model size is 305mm (width) x 220mm (depth) x 230mm (height). Each step is 75mm deep x 75mm high.
  • Large 2-stair models – made from 4mm thick acrylic with a central support for added load-bearing capacity. Total model size is 350mm (width) x 310mm (depth) x 208mm (height). Each step is 155mm deep x 100mm high.
  • Xtra-large 3-step models – suitable for larger items. Total model size is 405mm (width) x 320mm (depth) x 330mm (height). Each step has a 95mm increment.

Acrylic cases

Perspex display cases are lockable acrylic units with internal shelves that are ideal for showcasing valuables or delicate goods. Models can be placed on counter-tops or tables, with some of the larger designs suitable for floor display. Acrylic cases come in the following designs:

  • Single-shelf case – comes with one removable shelf. Case size of 200mm (width) x 200mm (depth) x 350mm (height)
  • 2-shelf case – rectangular model with sliding doors and 2 x 6mm thick removable shelves. Case size of 605mm (width) x 333mm (depth) x 400mm (height)
  • 3-shelf case – vertical case with hinged door and 3 removable shelves. Case size of 255mm (width) x 255mm (depth) x 470mm (height)
  • 4-shelf case – similar to the three-shelf model but larger and with extra removable shelf. Case size of 350mm (width) x 350mm (depth) x 650mm (height)
  • 5-shelf case – similar to 3 and 4-shelf models, with 5 removable shelves and an extra cam lock. Case size of 350mm (width) x 350mm (depth) x 750mm (height)

Acrylic racks

This is a greetings card rack that can also be used for CDs, DVDs and computer software. The rack is designed to fit into a slat wall or slat mesh display system. Available in a 3-tier or 4-tier model.

Benefits of using acrylic displays

In addition to looking smart, acrylic displays offer a number of distinct benefits to retailers. Here are some of the advantages to using acrylic compared to glass.

It’s clearer – as already mentioned, acrylic is more transparent and transmits more light than glass so is actually superior in terms of making products more visual. Acrylic also gives off less of a reflective glare than glass so there is no light distortion to products placed on stands or risers.

It’s stronger – acrylic may not appear as strong as glass but it is actually able to withstand harsher impacts and it also has a better load-bearing capacity than glass of a similar thickness.

It’s safer – unlike glass, acrylic won’t shatter in the event of it breaking. It’s highly resistant to damage but, if the worst does happen, it will crack or bend rather than break into multiple pieces that can cause injury to people.

It’s lighter – although it’s a stronger material, acrylic weighs less than half that of glass. This makes it very convenient in terms of assembling and transporting. Displays can be easily mounted to walls and the reduced weight makes them cheaper to ship. For retailers worried that displays may be light enough to be shoplifted from the counter, there is an optional plinth that can be used to secure them in place.

It’s cheaper – perspex displays are less costly than glass ones. Prices start at around $9 for acrylic display mobile phone stands and go up to around $300 for the more expensive display cases.

Where acrylic displays can be used

Acrylic displays are suitable for the arranging and showing of products in a wide variety of retail stores, both large and small. Here are just a few suggestions for how stores can make use of display materials.

Acrylic risers in retail stores

  • Jewellers – can arrange eye-catching jewellery products such as brooches, watches and rings on ascending risers as part of a neat window display or even from within a glass or perspex case or as part of a table or unit display within the store.
  • Cosmetics – expensive and designer perfumes and after-shave products can be given an extra lift when placed in a riser formation on store display tables or at eye level on shelves to maximise visibility.

Acrylic stands in retail stores

  • Cake stores – the tiered tree stands are ideal plastic stands for display of baked goods such as cupcakes or delicately designed pastries which can be placed in an attractive formation in a store window to whet the appetite of customers and lure them through the door.
  • Electronics stores – stores with shelving systems such as slat panel displays can make use of acrylic iPad/tablet holders and mobile phone holders which slide easily in and out of the slat panel grooves to provide a purpose-built angled display system.

Acrylic stairs in retail stores

  • Clothing accessories – designer boutiques, department stores or even vintage second-hand clothing stores can place items such as handbags and purses on acrylic stairs as part of a creative table or shelving display.
  • Arts and crafts stores – stores that sell specialist crystalware, glassware, carved wood products, porcelain figurines and more can arrange small and medium-sized goods on two or three-step stair displays.

Acrylic display cases in retail stores

  • Gift stores – can display expensive and delicate gift products such as jewellery, ornamental goods and designer pen sets in a secure fashion behind locked display cases. Customers can look but won’t be able to handle unless supervised by a member of store staff.
  • Collectors stores – perspex display cases offer an ideal solution for collectors and hobby stores that want to showcase rare or fragile products without having to spend a fortune on expensive glass units.

Acrylic racks in retail stores

  • Newsagents – stores with a slat based shelving system can fit them with acrylic racks for the neat display of greetings cards. Depending on needs and size of display area, they can opt for a 3 or 4-tiered model for the placement of birthday cards, seasonal festive cards, congratulations cards, sympathy cards and more.
  • Music stores – these racks are also ideal for displaying stock found in music stores, such as CDs and DVDs. They can also be used by generalist stores, petrol stations or supermarkets that sell small runs of CD and DVD products.

How to look after acrylic displays

Acrylic is quite easy to maintain if you keep it well protected, out of harsh sunlight and clean it regularly. To clean, all you need is warm water, a clean, non-abrasive cloth and a mild non-abrasive cleaning fluid. Simply follow these steps:

  • Firstly, mix your cleaning solution with the warm water, adding as much solution as is required depending on how dirty the acrylic surface is.
  • Secondly, dip the cloth into the watery mixture and wipe the surface clean of dirt, adding more mixture and wiping more vigorously to get rid of deeper stains.
  • Finally, use a second cloth to gently wipe the surfaces dry.

To deal with light scratches to acrylic glass surfaces:

  • Apply car wax or another buffing compound onto the scratched surface.
  • Use a cloth or buffer to buff the surfaces until the scratches are removed.

Acrylic display costs

We supply all acrylic materials, from display cases to acrylic risers, to Australia-based stores at competitive prices complete with affordable shipping options. Our price ranges include:

  • Acrylic risers – from $12.75 to $52.95 plus shipping costs
  • Acrylic stands – from $8.95 to $69.95 plus shipping costs
  • Acrylic stairs – from $13.95 to $39.95 plus shipping costs
  • Acrylic display cases – from $69.95 to $299.95 plus shipping costs
  • Acrylic racks – from $75.95 to $94.25 plus shipping costs

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