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Countertop Display Case Cabinets

If you want to maximize the retail space around your shop counter, then countertop display cabinets offer the ideal solution. These neat, clear, frameless display cases can be placed on top of any point-of-sale counter unit to add a touch of style to the surroundings. They can be utilized to sell a wide range of smaller goods to catch the eye of customers as they queue up to make a purchase or ask questions. Available in various styles to complement a range of store environments, meaning that everyone from high street boutique retailers to small independent antique dealers can make great use of them.

What are countertop display cases?

Countertop display case cabinets are small glass display units that can be placed on top of retail counters to create additional showcases of eye-catching products. These frameless units come in different sizes, some fitted with internal glass shelves to allow for extra display space. Units are made from toughened glass and are fitted with lockable doors to offer extra security, giving store owners piece of mind. They are also free standing and don’t need to be fixed to the countertop surface, meaning that you can move and rearrange them with ease.

Key features of countertop display cabinets

Each type of countertop cabinet is unique but they do have a few features in common. These include:

  • Thick 4-5mm clear safety glass design
  • Chrome metal fittings and L brackets connecting the glass panels
  • Single swing glass door
  • Cam lock fitted on door, with key to open
  • Flat pack supply for easy assembly

Types of countertop cabinet

These attractive glass counter cases come in a range of styles and sizes, so retailers can pick which suits them best or even opt for a few different models. Styles of cabinet can be split into three general designs:

Premium countertop display cases – these are top-range models fitted with a black melamine base and with two internal glass shelves, each with a load capacity of around 15kg. Can be fitted with LED spot lights. Available in standard and extra wide sizes.

Single cube display cases – single modular frameless glass display cubes that can be fitted with LED strip lights. No internal shelving so suitable for standalone feature items or a small single-level display. Available as standard or in mini-cube size.

Stacked cube display cases – frameless tower displays that can be fitted with strip lighting. Available in both 2-cube (with one internal glass shelf) and 3-cube (with two internal glass shelves) designs.

Accessories that can be used with countertop displays

You can purchase accessories for glass display cabinets to boost their effectiveness. Depending on which model you have, you can fit your display case with:

  • LED lighting, available as either spot or strip lighting with 3 watt LED bulbs
  • Laminated mirror panels, available as either back or base panels. These are NOT made out of the standard toughened safety glass

Benefits of countertop displays

Glass counter display cabinets can offer a number of distinct advantages to your store. These include:

  • Extra retail display space – these cases can make use of what might otherwise be empty counter space. This means that you can put extra merchandise on display, including rare, valuable or limited edition stock as everything is under lock and key. The big advantage of these small glass units is that they are placed at eye level at the point-of-sale, so get maximum exposure to anyone queueing to make a purchase – basically, your core demographic!
  • Attractive display options – all these exceptional quality units look neat and visually appealing. Who doesn’t like looking at products in little glass cases? What’s more, the options to add LED lighting can draw extra attention to displays while mirror back panels not only reflect that light but also make the units look more spacious.
  • Safe and secure display – you won’t have to worry about goods going missing or getting damaged because everything is stored away behind lock and key. Customers can look but not touch, unless supervised by a staff member. You can also choose, if you wish, to fix units to your countertop for extra peace of mind. Cases are manufactured using top quality construction materials including 4-5mm toughened safety glass which is more resistant to breakage than normal glass.
  • Easy to use – all our countertop cabinets are easy to assemble and maintain. Shelving and accessories fit easily into place and all you need to do in order to maintain them is give them a wipe down with a warm damp cloth once every few days.

Where display cabinets can be used

Cabinets are suitable in a vast number of retail settings. You can put them to great use in stores such as:

  • Electronics stores – ideal for the latest mobile phone models or expensive tech gadgets
  • Fashion boutiques – can be put to use to strategically display accessories such as clutch bags, purses, scarves or earrings
  • Jewellery stores – great for mini counter displays of new ranges of products such as watches and rings
  • Gift stores – perfect for ornamental souvenirs or beautiful gift sets
  • Stationery stores – expensive pen sets or calligraphy sets can be creatively showcased in these cases
  • Bakery stores – artisan bakers can show off fancy iced cakes to tempt customers as they queue for a lunch purchase
  • Pharmacies – often sell expensive perfume and aftershave ranges which would look great in these cabinets
  • Comic stores – display units such as these are perfect for rarities, limited editions or vintage finds

Product prices

We offer the best prices on countertop display cabinets. Current prices are:

  • Premium Countertop Display Case – $159.95 – 185.95 plus shipping
  • Premium Wide Countertop Display Case – $199.95 – 245.95 plus shipping
  • Mini Cube Glass Display – $41.50 – 159.25 plus shipping
  • 3 Cube Mini Counter Display – $90.00 – 241.35 plus shipping
  • Single Cube Countertop Glass Display Case – $41.50 – 159.25 plus shipping
  • 2 Cube Glass Display Tower – $129.50 – 430.80 plus shipping


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