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Glass Shelving

Glass shelves are ideal for adding visual appeal to products as they filter and reflect light to brighten up displays. They can be used in wall or aisle displays and come in a variety of sizes to suit the product needs of your store. Glass display shelving has grown in popularity in recent years and glass shelves in Australia can be seen in stores ranging from newsagents to craft stores who are benefiting from this elegant alternative to traditional wooden or metal shelving. Whether you want to showcase single items on individual shelves or arrange an artistic display featuring several pieces, we can provide you with the glass shelving that meets your requirements.

What are glass shelves?

Glass shelves are flat rectangular shelves with polished edges that fit onto shelving brackets to provide an effective and attractive solution for a wide range of small and medium-sized merchandise. The shelves are made from toughened safety glass of 5mm or 6mm in thickness which is up to five times stronger than normal clear glass. This glass receives chemical treatment to increase its strength and durability. It is less likely to shatter or crack than other types of glass. If it does break, its design means that it will crumble into small granular chunks rather than into sharp jagged pieces, meaning that injury is much less likely.

Toughened glass display shelving systems are popular in modern retail units because of their combination of attractiveness and durability. They are a suitable alternative to other types of shelving such as wooden or metal shelving as they can hold similar weights and sizes while offering extra light and being very easy to clean and maintain. The polished edge to the shelves gives them a glossy finish which adds a nice touch to merchandise shelving displays. This also means that there is no danger of injury through catching yourself on any sharp corners. All glass shelving is compatible with slat wall, pegboard or grid mesh display units and can be used with either fixed-wall panels or free-standing gondola units.

Types of glass shelves

All retail glass shelves are made from toughened safety glass with straight polished edges. There are available in two thicknesses:

  • 5mm thick shelves – which come in widths of 400mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm, and in depths of between 150mm and 350mm.
  • 6mm thick shelves – which come in widths of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm and in depths of between 300mm and 400mm.

How to use glass shelves

Glass shelving is very easy to use and requires no complicated procedures when it comes to putting the shelves into place. If you have the unit where you want to install the shelves ready, it should only take a matter of minutes. You can get the glass shelves into place and ready for use by following three simple steps:

  • Attach shelving brackets to your panel unit or shelving bracket strip, depending on what sort of shelving system you have in place. If you have a slat based shelving system, the brackets will slide neatly into the aluminium-lined grooves between the slat panels.
  • For added stability, it is recommended that you use IDC clips to keep shelving in place. These small metal clips attach to the brackets and are fitted with suction cups which suck onto the glass shelves.
  • Finally, simply press the glass shelves into place, pushing down on the IDC suction cups to ensure that shelving is firmly secure. You are now ready to use your glass shelving for displaying your merchandise.

Looking after glass shelves

As this shelving is made from toughened safety glass, it should last a long time and won’t damage easily if looked after properly. However, toughened glass can still pick up dirty marks and stains which will spoil the appearance of displays if not cleaned. Fortunately, it’s neither difficult nor time consuming to clean glass shelving when it gets dirty. You can do so by using the following steps:

  • Prepare a suitable cleaning solution. This should be a non-abrasive mixture such as warm soapy water. Ensure that the watery mixture contains no particles that might scratch or damage the glass surface. Transfer the solution to an empty spray bottle, or alternatively you can use a non-abrasive spray cleaning solution.
  • Spray the solution onto the surface and wait 10-15 seconds for it to soak into the dirt. This will make the surface easier to wipe clean. Use a soft sponge soaked in warm water and wipe across the glass surface, making sure not to apply to much pressure or to drag any particles across which may damage the glass. Do this until the whole surface has been cleaned.
  • Finally, use a soft microfibre cloth or regular non-abrasive cloth to buff the glass surface in circular motions until the shelf is dry.

Where glass shelves can be used

Glass shelving is suitable for a variety of retail environments and can display an assortment of merchandise in a way that catches the eye and draws in the customer. In terms of glass display shelving units, shelves are compatible with any of the following:

  • Free-standing single-sided or double-sided gondola units which can be placed up against walls, in shop windows or used to create aisles throughout the store.
  • Fixed wall panels that can be attached as single panel features or lined throughout the store.
  • Slat wall shelving units, where shelving brackets slide neatly into the slat grooves to hold multiple glass shelves of varying sizes.
  • Pegboard units fitted with shelving bracket strips.
  • Wire mesh systems that can accommodate shelving brackets.


Examples of retail outlets where glass shelves are found include:

  • Gift stores – anything from porcelain ornaments to decorative picture frames look great when illuminated by the reflected light offered by the shelves
  • Newsagents – can make use of glass shelving for behind-the-counter displays of more expensive or exclusive items
  • Jewellery stores – smaller shelves are perfect for making a grand individual display for items such as necklaces or brooches.
  • Boutique fashion stores – expensive designer handbags look great when arranged in a display using polished glass shelves.
  • Arts and crafts stores – this shelving is useful for all sorts of products including pottery, ceramics and glassware.
  • Collectors stores – ideal for placing sought after rarities or limited editions on higher shelves where they are still visible through the clear glass but won’t get regularly handled by customers.
  • Pharmacy stores – can create nice displays for goods such as women’s cosmetics or expensive health and hygiene products.

Advantages of glass shelves

Attractive – glass looks great in any store environment, whatever shelving system you may have. They add a level of sophistication to displays and can make anything from second-hand books to clothing accessories stand out and get noticed.

Adds light to the product – glass reflects and filters shop lighting so adds a visual layer to whatever product is being displayed. This gives retailers the opportunity to get creative and make use of store lighting to assemble great eye-catching displays.

Makes products more visible – the transparency of glass means that items on display will be visible from all angles. You won’t have a problem with the shelving itself getting in the way, which comes in very handy for products displayed on higher shelves and means that customers are less inclined to reach up and remove goods from display.

Durability – the toughened safety glass makes this shelving just as durable as wood or metal shelving, if not more so. These products will last for many years if treated properly. Shelving is designed to withstand reasonably heavy loads, usually up to medium-weight products. The surfaces are also scratch and stain resistant.

Fits in with any environment – as glass is transparent, it blends in with its surroundings much more easily than wood or metal products. This means there is no issue of shelves not fitting in with walls, flooring or other fixtures and fittings. Because of this, it is a perfect shop fitting option for stores that rearrange layouts often.

Encourages gentle handling – although these shelves are very durable, many people perceive glass-based products to be more fragile than other materials. This means that customers tend to exercise more caution around glass shelving and will take extra care when handling products for fear of causing damage.

Product prices

Our glass shelves for sale are competitively priced, starting at only $4.45 for 5mm thick 400mm wide shelves and going up to $19.95 for 6mm thick 1200mm wide products. Prices quoted exclude shipping and packing costs.

With Shopfittings Direct, you can buy shelves online or visit our showroom in Sydney to check out our extensive range of products. We supply to businesses all across Australia, so whether you’re looking for clothing racks, slatwall display panels or glass shelves in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, we can help you. Call us on 02 9608 5122 or email our team at to find out more.

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