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Wire Display Stand Merchandisers

Wire display stands are great multi-functional shop fitting solutions for all store types, with a range of bins, baskets and stands available to display goods from newspapers to children’s toys. These merchandising stands can be placed anywhere in the store, from next to the store counter to outside the front entrance to attract customers into the shop. Wire display stands are inexpensive and easy to use, making them a great investment for retailers and a sure fire way of improving stock sales. They are particularly suitable for use for clearance stock, special offers and impulse purchases in stores all across Australia.

What are wire display stands

Wire display stands are shop display equipment manufactured from chrome using a grid mesh design. The displays come in an array of styles, including as large dump bins, small display baskets, free standing grid mesh gondola units and small display stands for newspapers and brochures. The grid mesh design makes wire display stand merchandise light in weight and easy to look after. The stands are usually available in black or chrome with some products also available in white. Some stands, such as dump bins and gondola units, can be fitted with wheels for added mobility.

Wire display stands can be used in retail units of any size as well as in market stores or pop-up stalls. They are well-built yet economical in terms of space usage, making them a great choice of shop fittings merchandise for retail stores that need to save on space.

Types of wire display stand available

Wire display units come in a variety of styles and sizes, including:

Wire display dump bins

We sell three varieties of collapsible dump bin that can be used for an assortment of loose products and special offer merchandise such as tennis balls, children’s fluffy toys and packets of underwear. These basket stands can be placed anywhere in the store, or even just outside the store entrance, so store managers simply have to work out where best to place these items to maximise revenue. Display bins available are:

  • Small collapsible dump bins – available in dimensions of 450mm width x 450mm depth x 750mm height. Great for small runs of products or small packeted items
  • Large collapsible dump bins – available in dimensions of 600mm width x 450mm depth x 750mm height. Ideal for reduced to clear and bulk sale items
  • Mega collapsible dump bins – available in dimensions of 600mm width x 600mm depth x 750mm height. Suitable for larger items such as discounted clothing garments or medium-sized children’s toys

All wire basket display stands come with an adjustable reinforced basket level, optional wheel attachments and are supplied pre-assembled in a flat pack.

Free-standing gondola units

Gondola units are vertical stands that can be placed anywhere in the store and used with accessories such as display hooks or shelves to display merchandise in a way that saves space and is easy for customers to use. Accessories attach onto the grid mesh panels, giving store owners plenty of freedom in terms of product layout. Gondola stands available are:

  • Single sided grid mesh stand – designed to be placed up against a wall, with accessories attached to one side of the unit. Perfect for market stalls and temporary displays. Available in two sizes of 600mm x 1550mm and 600mm x 1850mm.
  • Double sided grid mesh stand – same size options and the single sided model but this one is fitted with a double-sided base so that both sides of the grid mesh can be used for display. Handy for use in aisle displays or in tight spaces where space needs to be maximised.
  • Heavyduty double sided grid mesh stand – this has a larger and more robust frame, with added lockable wheels and optional melamine base. Available in 4 sized ranging from 645mm x 1680mm to 950mm x 1990mm.

Display stands

Display stands come in two different models:

  • A4 brochure display stands – these compact stands can display catalogues, brochures, flyers and other A4-sized merchandise. They are fitted with a 3-way pronged base stand and a sign plate panel at the top. Product size of the display area is 230mm width x 325mm depth x 135mm height.
  • A3 newspaper display stands – these are similar to the A4 brochure model but can accommodate newspapers and mechandise that is of A3 size. Also fitted with a base and sign plate panel. Display area size is 465mm width x 350mm depth x 250mm height.

Where can wire display stands be used?

The versatility of wire displays makes them suitable for all kinds of retail environments. Here are a few of the store types that these displays are well suited to:

  • Discount stores – these stores often need versatile and easily moved shop fitting and shelving solutions to accommodate changing stock ranges. The range of dump bins are great for selling a multitude of clearance items, from packs of batteries to novelty toys.
  • Clothing stores – can fill display bins and baskets with special runs of stock such as discounted t-shirts or children’s shoes. The gondola display units are also handy for pop-up displays for accessories such as small handbags or even jewellery items.
  • Sports stores – dump bins are great for small sports accessories and equipment such as cricket balls, sweat bands or discounted running vests, while the A4 brochure stands can be placed outside the store entrance to display marketing catalogues for particular sports or brands.
  • Gardening stores – can make great use of dump bins to sell products such as packets of gardening seeds, gardening gloves or small to medium-sized gardening equipment.
  • Pharmacy stores – wire display bins of any size can be used to display reduced to clear hygiene products, such as toiletries and skincare products, during sale seasons, while gondola units can be used for wall or aisle displays to create hangsell showcases for packeted products.
  • Market stores – can benefit from the lightweight ease of use and flexibility of gondola stands to arrange pop-up hangsell displays for anything from jewellery products to mobile phone accessories.
  • Newsagents – can place top selling newspapers and magazines in A3 or A4 stands either outside the store entrance or in a prominent place within the store.
  • Electronic stores – cheaper electronic accessories such as USB sticks or plug adaptors can be placed in dump bins close to the counter to help generate sales. Catalogues advertising current special offers or best selling products can be placed in A4 wire display stands close to the store entrance.

Benefits of wire display stands

Wire retail merchandising display stands offer a number of advantages to stores, including:

  • Versatility – the wire units come in various different styles which can be put to many uses selling a range of products, which has been demonstrated above. The individual units themselves are also flexible, with wire bins having an adjustable inner level and gondola mesh displays being compatible with an array of convenient accessories.
  • Ease of use – these units are, lightweight, discreet, easy to clean and easy to manage. There are no complicated procedures with set-up, pack down or day-to-day use, which is why they are so popular for temporary pop-up stalls. The wheel option with many of the units gives an added layer of mobility, too.
  • Maximising the use of display area – wire display merchandise is very economical with space, with no wastage in its design. The bins and baskets in particular enable stores to display and sell far more units than would otherwise be possible with conventional shelving display systems.
  • Cost effectiveness – wire mesh display units are among the most affordable on the market. So, whether you’re a small start up trader on a budget or a large chainstore looking to make a bulk purchase, investing in wire display merchandising is a smart move.

Wire display stand costs

Our prices are kept competitive and we offer affordable shipping options across Australia for all items. Here are details of current pricings for wire display units:

  • Small collapsible dump bins – from $32.50 to $89.95 plus shipping costs
  • Large collapsible dump bins – from $45.95 to $95.95 plus shipping costs
  • Mega collapsible dump bins – from $62.95 to $99.95 plus shipping costs
  • Single sided grid mesh stands – from $46.75 to $74.50 plus shipping costs
  • Double sided grid mesh stands – from $42.50 to $86.50 plus shipping costs
  • Heavy duty double sided grid mesh stands – from $109.95 to $229.00 plus shipping costs
  • A4 catalogue display stands – $64.50 plus shipping costs
  • A3 newspaper display stands – $79.50 plus shipping costs

If you are interested in purchasing our wire display stands or any other shop fitting equipment, contact Shopfittings Direct by calling 02 9608 5122 or emailing Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in Sydney and speak directly to one of our experts. We supply an extensive range of shop fittings and shelving including wire display stands Australia-wide to businesses large and small.

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