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Wire Mesh Display Hooks

If you are a store that uses wire mesh or grid mesh display units, then wire mesh display hooks are an essential accessory that will enable you to create handsell display systems for a wide range of products. Products of all shapes and sizes can be hung from these sturdy hooks and prongs which attach firmly to the mesh display systems. Wire mesh display prongs are perfect for those many retail items that aren’t best showcased using traditional shelving and they are also great for giving stores that extra space capacity to put more out on display. Display hooks can be used anywhere from upmarket boutiques to second-hand stalls at busy markets and they come in different styles and sizes to suit all store types. They are one of the most affordable accessories on the market so are a great value for money investment for modern retailers.

What are wire mesh display hooks?

Wire mesh display prongs are small metal pronged hooks that clip onto grid mesh display units such as gondola panels and fixed wall displays. They allow retailers using wire mesh display systems to hang a wide variety of products such as hangbags and packaged goods in a browser-friendly style. As multiple products can be lined up on each prong, display hooks and prongs are great for allowing stores to maximise the amount of merchandise they place on display at any one time, meaning that they can generate more revenue. Many awkwardly-shaped or smaller products don’t sit well on conventional shelving and hangsell displays using hooks are the perfect alternative, making them popular with store types ranging from newsagents to clothing stores.

Mesh hooks are fashioned from chrome-plated wire which means that they are highly durable and functional. They are available in different styles, lengths and thicknesses to suit different store needs. Hooks are fitted with either a C shaped or semi-C shaped back plate which clips onto or slips over the grid mesh wire panels. Hooks can be adjusted or removed with ease and they stay firmly in place without any need for fixing into place with tools.

Types of display hooks

There are three types of panel display prong hooks available. These are:

Grid mesh display prongs

These are chrome or black prongs that clip onto all mesh systems using a sturdy C section back plate that allows for heavier load-bearing capacity. These prongs are 6mm in thickness and are great for displaying products such as packaged clothing, gardening tools and stationery items. Prongs are sold in packs of 10 and are available in an assortment of different sizes – 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm long – so can be used to display goods both large and small in retail stores of all sizes.

Square mesh display hooks

These display hooks are a slightly leaner model than the grid mesh display prongs. The hooks are constructed from wire that is 5mm – 5.5mm thick and they come in a silver chrome-plated style. They are fitted with a semi-C section back plate which can be applied to 50mm x 50mm square mesh back display systems with a 4-5mm gauge wire mesh, sliding over the top of the mesh panels. As with the grid mesh prongs, square mesh hooks are sold in packs of 10 and are available in three lengths – 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.

Mesh flipper scan display hooks

Flipper scan hooks are ideal for when stores want to display extra product information such as price or a short description. They are fitted with two vertical parallel prongs, the top one with a small plastic wallet for information display attached to the end of it and the lower one acting as the prong to hold the hangsell merchandise. Wire mesh flipper hooks are 6mm thick and come with flipper attachments in three different sizes. These hooks come in chrome-plated silver, are sold in packs of 10  and are available in three different sizes – 150mm, 200m  and 300mm.

How to use wire mesh display hooks

Wire mesh display hooks and prongs are incredibly easy to use – no fiddling, no tools or technical know-how required. The well-designed chrome back plates enable them to slide or clip in and out of wire mesh display panels and stay in place until you decide to move them. The C section back plates, in particular, fasten sturdily into place on the mesh display systems, attaching onto two rungs of the mesh panel. To rearrange the hooks and prongs, simply unclip them and move them into the new position.

To load up the merchandise, all you need to do is to place individual items over the display prong. Goods that have a strap or hanging mechanism, such as handbags, jewellery or cables, can be draped casually over the hooks. Packaged and packeted items can be placed over the prongs via the hanging strip or hole that is usually found near the top of the product packaging. To use the flipper scan hooks, all you need to do is attach the clear plastic wallet to the top prong and then slide a small piece of card or paper containing the necessary information inside the wallet.

Wire mesh display hooks can be used for an array of retail products including:

  • handbags and satchels
  • draped jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets
  • pre-packet clothing items such as t-shirts, shirts or underwear
  • gardening tools or kitchen equipment that have a hanging mechanism, such as gardening spades or saucepans
  • packeted food such as snacks
  • small packeted accessories such as screws or elastic bands
  • boxed or packeted toys or games that contain a hangsell hole or slit

Where wire mesh display hooks can be used

The versatility of these hooks means that they are suitable for pretty much any retail environment. Anywhere that has wire mesh or slatmesh display panels can make great use of them. Examples of such stores are:

  • Clothing stores – discount and general clothing stores can use hooks and prongs for displaying large quantities of packaged clothing items, while specialist and upmarket stores can fashion stylish and attractive displays for products including handbags, scarves and jewellery products.
  • Pharmacy stores – many of the smaller products sold are better displayed using hangsell techniques. These products include first aid goods and pre-packaged hygiene products
  • Newsagents – often need to maximise their display areas in a tight space. Hooks can be deployed to mass display items including packets of sweets, small stationery items (e.g. packets of paper clips) as well as various accessories.
  • Electronics stores – computer and mobile phone accessories are well-suited to hangsell displays as they can be arranged in an organised fashion. The thicker hooks are also great for hanging larger, heavier items such as printer cartridges or headphones.
  • Hardware stores – can make use of the various hook and prong types to neatly arrange everything from pre-packaged tools to small packets of nuts and bolts, using flipper scan hooks for price and information display to make it easier for customers to navigate their way around the store.
  • Sports stores – these stores sell vast amounts of accessories that can easily get lost on traditional shelving. There are also larger sports equipment items which can benefit from hangsell, including tennis rackets and hockey sticks.

Advantages of wire mesh display hooks

Wire mesh shop display hooks offer many benefits to retail stores, such as:

  • Flexibility – each hook or prong can be used in many ways for multiple different products, so you don’t have to worry about them losing their usability if you sell out of certain products or change your stock range. As hooks are easy to use and fit in with all retail environments, they are great for stores that have rapidly changing lines of stock or large amounts of stock to transfer from the back room to shop display.
  • Durability – the chrome-plated wire design and strong back plate give these prongs a long life and they can last many years and countless stock changes with minimal damage or wear and tear. The low cost of these products make them an exceptional value for money purchase.
  • Functionality – hooks are a great use of both space and time. You will find that you can get far more out on display using hangsell than stacking goods on traditional shelves, which is why these accessories are popular with stores operating in tight spaces. They are also great for keeping everything tidy and well-organized, which saves both store staff and customers a lot of time.

Wire mesh display hook prices

Grid mesh display prongs – ranging from $1.15 to $1.65 per hook plus shipping

Square mesh display hooks – ranging from $0.95 to $1.20 per hook plus shipping

Mesh flipper scan display hooks – ranging from $1.50 to $1.75 per hook plus shiping

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