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Sign Holder Systems

Whether you want to advertise products or events, or simply display information or shop notices, our sign holder systems offer a great solution that is fully compatible with a range of shop fitting systems. You can incorporate these signs into your retail display system with minimum fuss and save messing up your walls and windows with sticky tape and blue-tac smudges. We offer a range of sign display holders in acrylic and metal steel that are easy to display and operate so, no matter what type of retail store you are, you can keep your customers up to date with important sales and store information.

What are sign holders?

Sign holder systems are a simple yet effective way of displaying store signs and information in optimal positions throughout retail stores in a way that doesn’t require you sellotaping of tacking things to windows and walls. Holders are available in acrylic, plastic and chrome metal and come in a variety of different designs to suit individual store needs.

Our sign holders can be used for multiple purposes and placed anywhere on the store, including as part of countertop displays, free-standing in the store, or attached to shop fittings such as clothing racks and gondola shelving units. You can use these retail display sign holders to provide information or prices on current stock displays, advertise forthcoming stock, or arrange information displays for customers. They are a great way to cap off a well-organized retail store by providing browsers with clear need-to-know information.

Types of sign holders available

We sell sign holders to fit a variety of shop fitting systems, including:

Counter standing info sign holders

These acrylic sign holders can be used for retail store counters, reception desks, shelves and display tables. Perspex sign holders are available in A4 and A5 sizes and can be displayed either horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait), depending on your store requirements. The holders stand on an acrylic base with signs inserted into the mainframe between two sheets of acrylic to display info sheets, price information, store notices and more in a “leaning back” style.

Sign display holders with stands

These plastic sign holders can be adapted with fixed or adjustable stems and metal bases to suit store needs. Available in A4 size, you simply slide and twist the sign frame to convert to portrait or landscape display. These free-standing holders can be placed anywhere in the store – next to sales displays, by the counter or at the store entrance to highlight sales items, prices and product information. Stem sizes are available in 150mm and 300mm as fixed stems and 300 – 550mm as adjustable telescopic stems.

Sign holder frames for rails and racks

These acrylic and metal sign holders come in both A4 and A5 sizes. They are available in portrait design and come with a variety of chrome stems, weighted bases and garment rack attachments to suit an array of retail signage needs. The domes bases can be used on any flat surface for signage displays on counters, desks, tables and shelves. The G clamp attachments can be used to attach signs to round or square clothing rails and racks. Stems are available in sizes of 75, 150, 225 and 300mm.

Metal gondola sign holders

Gondola steel shelving sign holders can be used with all gondola shelving units. These magnetic sign holders have a magnetic base that allows simple adjustment to accept different signage and will accept material up to 8mm thick. They can be used with left and right metal sign holder brackets for small signs, with a central support bracket for use with longer signs. The magnetic bases allow for the quick and easy adjustment of sign holders without the need for double-sided tape or screws.

What can sign holders be used for?

Sign holders are great for displaying a wide range of information about stores and stock. This includes:

  • Product price information – signs can be used to display simple price information in the form of just the price (e.g. $5.99), product title and price (e.g. socks $5.99) or a full price list for items.
  • Product titles and/or information – large print notices can be displayed to attract customers from a distance or help them find displays (e.g. skincare products) or smaller, more detailed text can be displayed for browsers to read to help them with their purchases.
  • Advertising promotional deals – you can attract bargain hunters with clear signs displaying notices such as “discount sale”, “reduced to clear” or “2 for 1 offer”.
  • Store notices – display stands, in particular, are great for displaying informational notices such as “no smoking” or “queue here” to make things easier for stores and reduce the amount of time they have to spend explaining things to customers.
  • Event posters – if your store has a forthcoming event, or is involved in an event elsewhere, you can use one of these handy sign holders to promote the event to customers to help maximise attendance.
  • Marketing and promotion of forthcoming merchandise – if you have forthcoming products that you want to generate interest for, what better way than advertising them via a well-placed shop sign? You can even advertise taking advanced orders to secure additional sales.
  • Directional signs – larger stores such as department stores, in particular, can benefit from signs such as “toilets this way” or “fitting rooms this way” to help control the flow of busy store traffic and stop customers from getting lost and needing assistance.
  • Warning notices – sign holders can also be used to deter theft or damage of products with notices such as “shoplifters will be prosecuted” or “you break it, you pay for it”.
  • Advertising the benefits of products – if the merchandise you sell comes with any sort of promotional poster or leaflet, you can display next to the products using these handy sign holders.

Stores where sign holders can be used

All stores can benefit from keeping customers informed and updated with well-displayed price and product information, information on current and forthcoming promotional deals, and notices that explain store rules and where to find things. Whether you are a tiny market stall or a huge multi-storey department store, a shop selling hundreds of items of different shapes and sizes or a designer store with only a few similar products on display, sign holders can make your life easier. Examples of stores that can make good use of sign holder display systems are:

  • Clothing stores
  • Newsagents
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • 24 hour petrol stations
  • Bargain or discount stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Bakery stores
  • Car showrooms
  • Sports stores

Advantages of having sign holders in your store

Good sign display systems can really benefit the retail experience for both customer and store owner. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider investing in a good sign holder system.

  • They keep the store well-organized – sign holders will encourage you to think about what information needs to go where in order to have the store functioning as well as it can. You can use a mix of informational and promotional signs to keep everything running smoothly and control the flow of customers throughout the store.
  • They make life easy for customers – nothing is more frustrating than walking into a store with no or badly displayed signs, where you have to search out a member of staff to find out key information. Good signs act as an additional staff member keeping customers constantly informed.
  • They save time – having all the key information on display using a good sign holder system means less time spent having to explain things to customers and point them in the right direction, so you can get on with other things to keep sales flowing.
  • They help keep the store clean – sign holders eliminate the need for sticking up posters and shop signs on walls, doors and windows using sellotape, blue-tac or pins, which creates marks and can leave the store looking untidy.
  • They add a nice element to retail displays – as well as being functional, signs can be designed in such a way as to fit in with the style and décor of the store to add a nice visual touch. For instance, the colours and fonts used can help convey the brand identity of your store.
  • They keep signs securely in place – all sign holder systems are well-designed and keep signs firmly in place, unlike with sellotape, blue-tac or pins which can easily become dislodged.
  • They help maximise revenue – signs are great for increasing the promotional push on items, particularly the acrylic counter-top signs which can generate additional point-of-sale purchases while customers are stood waiting to make their purchase.

Sign holder prices

All of our sign holder products are under $20, ranging from $2.85 for metal sign holder frames to $18.50 for metal sign holder brackets.

Contact Shopfittings Direct on 020 9609 5122 or email us at to find out more about our product range. Alternatively, visit our showroom in Sydney and speak directly to our staff. We supply a wide range of products including all sign holders to Australia-wide businesses at competitive prices.

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