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Metal Back Slat Panel Gondolas

Get the very best out of your merchandise displays with our strong and versatile metal back slat wall gondola display systems. These sturdy units are suitable for all types of retail store, can be placed anywhere in the store, can be fitted with a wide range of shelving accessories and come in a full range of sizes. What’s more, they look great so you can arrange all sorts of displays for products ranging from designer clothing to pharmacy goods and add visual appeal to your store that will attract the customers.

What are metal back slat wall gondolas?

Metal back slat wall gondolas are free-standing metal slat wall systems that consist of a wall of horizontal metal panels. The panels are separated by grooves spaced at 100mm apart, with each groove deep and wide enough to hold accessories that can be used for shop display. Fitted at either end of the units are vertical metal shelving bracket strips designed to hold brackets for conventional shelving. This design gives store holders the flexibility of arranging displays in traditional rows or shelving or utilising accessories such as hooks, hangrails or baskets to create alternative displays such as hangsell.

Shelving brackets and all accessories slide easily in and out of place so there is no need for any screwing or drilling, meaning that displays can be put up in a matter of minutes. The metal slat panel display systems are made from commercial grade metal built to last and hold heavy loads. Slat panel gondolas are free-standing, fixed onto a heavy single-sided or double-sided base, so they can be placed anywhere in the store without having to be fixed to anything. Double-sided display gondola systems are great for creating aisles of browsable displays throughout the premises.

This slat wall system is great for retailers that want to combine practicality with good, attractive design. Benefits of these systems include:

  • Easy to use – the units can be assembled, moved around the store and cleaned very easily. No time-consuming screwing or unscrewing parts in and out of place.
  • Flexible – with so many different accessories available, you can rearrange displays at will and move the gondola units around the store to re-purpose the layout as and when required.
  • Browser-friendly – because of the flexibility, you can tailor displays to suit the needs and preferences of your customers and create browser-friendly arrangements and showcases.
  • Durability – slat wall systems are built to take heavier loads than other shelving systems (e.g. pegboard or grid mesh) and the metal is more resistant to damage than wood-based systems.
  • Visual appeal – slat displays are popular because of their neat geometric design and modern look, making them suitable for a wide range of outlets.

Where can metal back slat wall gondolas be used?

These units can be used by all types of retailers, from small independent family-run stores to big name chain stores. They fit into any retail environment and are a cost-effective option that won’t break the bank of smaller businesses that are on a tight budget. Because the units are compatible with numerous different accessories, you have the freedom to arrange displays in various designs including hangsell (suitable for packaged or draped goods) and individual stand displays (good for mobile phones and footwear).

Examples of stores than can make good use of metal back slat wall gondolas include:

  • Pharmacy stores – can make use of steel display shelves to stack medicinal and hygiene products in rows, with packaged goods hung on hooks and prongs. Acrylic leaflet holders can also be used to display any health information pamphlets, a tidier alternative to having them loose on the store counter.
  • Clothes stores – there are many slat wall accessories suitable for clothing, including hang rails, waterfalls and faceouts which can be used to hang garments. Accessories such as bags, scarves and belts can be hung on metal prongs. For boutique stores, there’s the option of placing folded garments on shelves or individual stands.
  • Newsagents – these stores, along with stationery stores, typically sell large quantities of products of varying size and shape on a daily basis so the flexibility afforded by these units is ideal. Newspapers and magazines can be placed on angled wire or acrylic shelving to make displays more browser-friendly.
  • Hardware stores – the sturdiness and good load-bearing capacity of slatwall makes it perfect for some of the heavier items sold in hardware stores, e.g. tools or kitchen/bathroom equipment. Smaller and looser goods can be placed on hooks or in display bins.
  • Sports stores – there are accessories that cater for a wide assortment of sporting equipment, including hang rails and faceouts for clothing, sports ball holders, individual shoe stands for sports shoes and acrylic or wire bins for loose items such as tennis balls.
  • Arts stores – can use picture hooks to fill slatwall units up with framed works of art. Shelving and accessories can be used to display goods such as paints, paintbrushes, art books and more.

Accessories that can be used with metal back slat wall gondolas

There are several different types of accessories that can be used with shelving units to create tailored displays, including:

  • Metal hooks and prongs – can be inserted into the slat wall grooves for hangsell displays of products including clothing accessories, packaged goods and jewellery such as bracelets or necklaces. Hooks and prongs come in different sizes and styles (such as loop hooks and flipper scan hooks) and slide easily in and out of place.
  • Shelving – traditional shelving can be placed on the units using shelving brackets attached at the sides. There are various different metal steel shelves that are great for stores such as supermarkets, hardware stores and garages, as well as glass and melamine shelves for stores that want to go for a more upmarket feel.
  • Acrylic stands and shelves – a wide range of acrylic accessories are available, including small flat shelves, shoe stands, angled shelving for flat items such as magazines and books, and specialised stands for goods such as laptops and mobile phones. Shelving slides easily in and out of the slat grooves.
  • Acrylic bins and containers – for loose items, available in different sizes and as 1, 2, 3 or 8-compartment bins. Perfect for sweet stores, stationers or any shop that sells loose products that are awkward to display.
  • Hang rails, waterfalls and faceouts – metal clothing accessories for front or side displays of garments such as t-shirts, tops, coats, dresses, trousers and skirts. Available in several different sizes and styles.
  • Wire display baskets and shelves – accessories made in a wire grid mesh design, including angled wire shelves suitable for newspaper displays and baskets to display loose and odd-shaped merchandise.
  • Brochure and sign holders – acrylic holders for displaying informational or promotional brochures and signs. Available in different sizes.
  • Data strips – adhesive strips that attach to the front of shelves for pricing and product descriptions.

Types of metal back slat wall gondolas

These gondola units are available in the following styles. Both white and pearl jet black colours are available.

Single-sided slatwall panel gondola units – these display systems come with a single-sided slat wall panel fitted onto a base. Ideal for displays placed up against a wall or in a window display. Units are free-standing so don’t need to be attached to walls or any exterior fittings. Available in varying heights and widths and with add-on units available to form a wall-aisle display.

Double-sided slatwall panel gondola units – with slatwall display panels on both sides fitted onto a base shelf that extends both sides (with the vertical panel in the middle). These units are great for aisle displays on the shop floor enabling you to maximise retail space. Available in different heights and widths and with add-on units available to form browsing aisles throughout the store.

Narrow aisle units – these units are fitted with a narrower base shelf to allow for more browsing space for stores that have limited space.  Units are available in both single-sided and double-sided models. Base shelf measuring 300mm instead of standard 450mm. Available in different heights and widths and with add-on units available.

Wide base units – units that are fitted with an extra-wide base shelf to give more storage space for additional products. Ideal for bulkier or heavier items such as electrical goods or large tools. Units are available in both single-sided and double-sided models. Base shelf measuring 550mm instead of the standard 450mm. Available in different heights and widths and with add-on units available.

End units – units designed to fit onto the end of double-sided displays to give additional display space. Units attach at a 90 degree angle so can be used for a front-facing display at the beginning of an aisle. Perfect for promotions, special offers or sales stock. Available in different sizes to fit standard, narrow aisle and wide base double-sided units.

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