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Acrylic Shelving

Our selection of clear acrylic display shelves can add a layer of sophistication to any store display. This shelving accessory comes in many styles and sizes to accommodate products ranging from tablets and mobile phones to footwear and ornamental goods. Durable, attractive and cost effective, acrylic shelving is a great accompaniment to slat wall and slat grid mesh shelving systems and can be used to give items that extra showcasing that they don’t get when placed among several other products on a row of shelving. If you stock eye-catching goods that you want to draw attention to, then these acrylic accessories could be the shop fitting solution for you.

What is acrylic shelving

Acrylic shelving is an alternative modern form of retail shelving to more conventional types of shelves such as those made from metal or wood. The shelving is available in a more diverse assortment of sizes, models and styles than other shelving types due mainly to the flexibility of acrylic as a material. Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic best known as an alternative substance to glass which is lightweight yet shatter-proof and very durable, making it ideal for a number of uses including retail shelving.

Our shelving made from acrylic is 3-4mm thick and fitted with attachments compatible with slat panel designs and an inbuilt support for added strength. Designs range from heavy duty shelves that include brackets to support load-bearing capacity, to small shoe display shelves designed to hold individual items of footwear. Products are available as flat horizontal shelving and as angled shelving titled towards the browser, perfect for displaying flat, thin products such as magazines and electronic tablets. This means that goods can be more easily displayed at eye level and it eliminates the need for additional stands to prop the products up. Angled shelves are fitted with a front lip to keep goods in place.

Depending on the type of shelving, it is suitable for low or medium weight merchandise and can be used to safely and effectively display an array of retail produce.

Types of acrylic shelving

Acrylic shelving forms part of our whole range of acrylic perspex display fittings which also includes products such as display cases, bins, brochure holders and greetings card racks. The types of shelving available includes:

  • Flat acrylic shelves – these standard shelves are fitted with hinged support brackets and are available in sizes up to 595mm length and 300mm deep. The shelves can take a distributed load of up to 8kg so are suitable for products such as ornamental goods, folded clothing, books and ceramics.
  • Heavy duty shelves – fitted with brackets for extra load-bearing capacity, these shelves are available in larger sizes and are suitable for both stacked and creatively spaced displays of products in all types of stores. Available in sizes up to 1190mm length and 300mm deep, with the larger models able to take loads of up to 15kg.
  • Angled shelves – these shelves slope towards the customer for added accessibility and are fitted with brackets as well as a 75mm lip at the bottom to keep products in place. Can be used for books, magazines, newspapers and other flat items to boost their visibility. Available in sizes up to 1190mm length and 300mm depth, a load capacity of 15kg and in either 30-degree or 60-degree angled slant.
  • Flat stands – smaller flat 3mm thick shelves suitable for individual or smaller products. It can also be used as flat shoe shelves to display individual footwear items. Available in sizes up to 304mm length and 152mm depth.
  • Angled shoe shelves – these 4mm thick sloping shoe shelves are fitted with a lip to prevent shoes from slipping out of place and are available in both left and right hand display. Great for shoe stores, clothing stores and sports stores who can maximise space by creating a slat wall display showcasing a whole range of footwear on individual stands.
  • Mobile phone stands – slanted stands for mobile phones and other similar shaped electronic gadgets. Available in two different sizes. Fitted with a front lip to keep products in place.
  • Mini iPad/tablet stands – slanted stands for the display of iPads, electronic tablets and other similar shaped items. 185mm wide, 247mm high and fitted with a 22mm front lip.

Where can acrylic shelving be used?

The durability and flexibility of acrylic shelving means that it is well suited for many products in a good number of retail environments. Stores that can benefit from these shelves and stands include:

  • Newsagents – can make good use of slanted shelves for better display of newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Daily papers can be positioned on display near the store entrance so that passers by and those entering the store can more clearly see front page headlines.
  • Gift stores – can arrange neat displays of products on individual shelves and stands. As acrylic is a very reflective material, visually appealing products can be given extra focus with the use of creative lighting to illuminate displays.
  • Shoe stores – the flat and angled acrylic shoe display shelves are perfect for showcasing all kinds of footwear including smart shoes, trainers, sandals and specialist sports shoes.
  • Sports stores and clothing stores – can both effectively utilise the shoe display stands for footwear products as well as using flat shelving to display other products such as folded clothing garments.
  • Electronic goods stores – the angled mobile phone and tablet holders can be put to effect in phone stores and computer stores. They can also be used for the display of other similarly shaped electronic goods and gadgets.
  • Book stores – the angled shelves are great for strategic displays of front-facing best selling titles that can be placed near the front of the store to generate more sales.
  • Homeware stores – can use shelves and individual stands to show off more decorative household items such as ornamental goods or quirky kitchen products (such as fancy egg-timers or salt N pepper shakers).

What type of shelving system can be fitted with acrylic shelving?

Shelves are fitted with attachment clips that are compatible with the following types of shelving system:

  • Slat wall units – these systems, which come as wall panels or free-standing gondola units, consist of horizontal slat panels separated by grooves at 100mm or 150mm increments. The acrylic shelves slide easily in and out of the grooves via the clips which hold the shelves in place. Heavy duty shelves include brackets which give extra support.
  • Slat grid mesh units – grid mesh displays use a steel grid with mesh panels that criss-cross to form a rectangular pattern. The clips on the acrylic shelves and stands can easily slide in and out of the narrower gaps on the mesh units where they hold in place.

Benefits of acrylic shelving

There are many advantages to acrylic shelving, including:

Durability – acrylic is a popular material used frequently as a glass substitute due to its high resistance to shattering as well as to scuffs and scratches. It’s actually more durable than toughened glass as well as other materials such as wood and steel so is a good choice if you’re looking for a shop fitting choice that’s long-lasting.

Attractiveness – acrylic shop displays are neat and visually alluring yet subtle. They draw attention to the product without drawing attention away from it at the same time. As the material is a good reflector, the shelving can be used to cast extra light on products with some creatively used spotlighting.

Easy to use – all shelving products are very practically designed and slide simply in and out of the shelving units, so displays can be put up in minutes. They are easy to maintain, too. Just wipe down regularly with a damp cloth to keep free of dust and dirt.

Lightweight – one of the other advantages of acrylic over glass is that it’s much lighter. This makes it easier to handle, transport, assemble and take down.

Versatile – with several shelving designs available in different sizes to choose from, these shelves can be used to display all kinds of products in a wide range of retail stores from budget outlets to high end boutique stores.

Low cost – with individual small shelves and stands costing less than $10, and the majority of heavy duty products costing less than $50, acrylic shelving is an affordable option and is very cost effective when you calculate the likely return you will make in extra sales revenue.

Are you a retailer looking to fit out your store with acrylic shelving? Shopfittings Direct can supply acrylic display fittings as well as an extensive range of shop fitting and shelving products and accessories to outlets across Australia. All products are of the highest quality and are competitively priced. Call us on 02 9608 5122 or email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice. You can also browse our product range and place your order online.

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