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Slat Panel Wire Baskets And Shelves

Wire baskets and wire shelves are the perfect accessories to enhance your slat wall or grid mesh retail display. Suitable for displaying a wide range of products, they are easy to use and maintain and are compatible with all kinds of retail environment. Wire basket shelving is an alternative to other forms of shelving such as glass, melamine, metal and acrylic shelving and is available in both straight and angled designs to suit individual store needs. Perfect for retailers looking for an affordable and flexible display solution for anything from magazines to soft toys.

What are slat panel wire baskets and shelves?

Slat panel wire baskets and shelves are display accessories that fit into slat-based systems (either fixed wall panels or free-standing gondola units) and can be used for the display of various retail goods. They operate similar to other shelving and basket designs but are made using a slat grid mesh wire design formed from intersecting strips of metal. Available in different styles to suit varying requirements, the baskets and shelves are made from heavy duty chrome-plated metal with back plates allowing them to slide easily in and out of shelving units.

The wire shelving comes in either flat horizontal or angled design, both featuring a high front lip to help keep products in place and reduce slippage. The wire baskets are fashioned from closer strips of metal and have a depth of 100mm. Both shelving and baskets are available in models that can be used with either slat panel or slatmesh wire shelving systems. For use with slat panel displays, the accessories are fitted with a flat metal back plate. For use with grid mesh wire displays, the accessories are fitted with a C-shaped back plate.

Where can wire baskets and shelves be used?

Wire shelving and baskets are extremely flexible and can be used to display a wide assortment of merchandise in any retail environment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big name chain store or a small independent retailer, a high end boutique or a high street discount store, these accessories will do a great job of promoting your products and enhancing your displays. Examples of the types of stores and products that wire display systems are well suited to include:

  • Newsagents – can display newspapers, magazines and other literature products in a more visible and browser-friendly fashion on angled wire shelves, while baskets can be used for a range of products including small packaged stationery items and packeted snacks such as crisps.
  • Pharmacy stores – similar to newsagents, pharmacies sell a varied range of products that can be effectively displayed with wire accessories. Products such as deodorant and packeted medication (e.g. paracetamol) can be neatly stacked on wire shelves, while smaller packeted products (e.g. toothbrushes) can go in baskets.
  • Clothes stores – baskets can be used for underwear or accessories including scarves and ties, while larger items of clothing such as t-shirts and pullovers can be folded and placed on shelves.
  • Toy stores – sell a wide range of smaller and packaged goods that can be displayed in baskets, such as small soft toys, small games and packs of cards, while children’s books and flatter toys can benefit from an angled wire shelf display.
  • Hardware stores – these stores typically sell all sorts of smaller, awkwardly-shaped and looser items that can be conveniently displayed in baskets (e.g. tape measures). The sturdiness of the metal shelves makes them great for stacking larger, heavier products such as tins of pain.
  • Sports stores – numerous packeted products, accessories or loose equipment can be placed in baskets (e.g. sweat bands, stop-watches, football studs, squash balls).
  • Discount and budget stores – often have large quantities of cheap packeted products (e.g. packets of confectionery, loose items for a dollar or less) that can be easily placed in baskets, while other discounted products such as kitchenware, homeware and gardening products can be stacked on wire shelving.
  • Gardening stores – can display smaller items such as packets of seeds in wire baskets, products such as ceramic pots or garden ornaments on flat horizontal shelves and gardening books on angled wire shelves.

Types of wire baskets and shelves available

  • Flat horizontal slatwall grid mesh wire shelves – suitable for conventional stacking and display of a diverse assortment of merchandise. Flat shelves are made from 6mm gauge heavy duty wire and fitted with slat panel display brackets for extra sturdiness. Shelves are 600m wide and 375mm deep with a 75mm high front lip to prevent slippage. Available with back plates to fit either slat wall or grid mesh wire systems.
  • Angled slatwall grid mesh wire shelves – shelves angled at a 30 degree slope to offer greater visibility to books, magazines, newspapers and other flatter products. Angled wire shelves are available in the same specifications and dimensions as flat straight shelves. Available with straight back plates for slat wall systems or C-shaped back plates for slat mesh systems.
  • Slatwall grid mesh wire baskets – perfect for displaying loose, packaged or small awkwardly-shaped goods, baskets are available in two different sizes – 300mm length x 300mm width; and 600mm length x 390mm width. Both sizes have a depth of 100mm. Available in either chrome silver or black and with back plates to fit either slat panel or slatmesh display systems.

Benefits of wire baskets and shelves

There are many advantages to installing wire baskets and shelves in your store. These shelving accessories have a number of attributes. They are:

Sturdy – the shelves and baskets are made from heavy duty chrome-plated metal materials and are well designed, meaning that they can take a good weight load and won’t damage easy. The metal is one of the toughest materials on the market, resistant to scuffs and blemishes as well as standing up to the elements in the humid summer.

Flexible – these accessories are suitable for a vast assortment of products and are easily moved around on both slat panel and grid mesh systems, so you can rearrange displays at will. You can even replace shelves with baskets if you have rapidly changing stock lines, so you can go from displaying plates on flat shelves to packets of cutlery in baskets with barely any fuss.

Easy to use – both baskets and shelves slide in and out of position on slat panel and grid mesh systems without the need for screwing, drilling or hammering anything into place. They are very easy to maintain, too. The intersecting grid wire strip design means that there is less space to get dirty and to clean. A quick wipe down every 1-2 weeks with a damp cloth should keep them looking as good as new.

Attractive – the neat symmetrical design of the grid mesh, available in two colours, is easy on the eye and the chrome-plated metal polishes up nicely to give a shine to the store layout. Both baskets and shelves are great for keeping a range of items organised and tidy, which adds to the visual appeal of the store.

Affordable – wire shelves and baskets are attractively priced as well as attractively designed. Materials and production methods are cost-effective which means that savings can be passed onto the customer, making wire shelving accessories some of the best priced shop fitting products on the market.

Practical – the designs of these accessories are great for customer practicality. Wire baskets enable stores to sell smaller awkwardly-shaped and looser items in a browser-friendly way that customers can make sense of, while angled shelves give greater visibility to products such as books and newspapers. With these accessories attached to slat shelving systems, it’s all done in a way that saves on floor space and gives extra browsing space to the customer. 

Costs of wire baskets and shelves

We supply wire baskets and shelves at competitive prices. Product costs are kept affordable so that stores operating on a budget can afford them and larger outlets wanting to purchase bigger quantities won’t have to shell out too much. When you take into account the promotional benefits of the shelves, the return on investment (ROI) is high. Costs of current products are:

Flat horizontal slatwall grid mesh wire shelves – $18.95 + GST

Angled slatwall grid mesh wire shelves – $18.95 + GST

Slatwall grid mesh wire baskets – $9.95 – 21.95 + GST

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