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Frameless Glass Display Shop Showcases

Our range of frameless glass upright display cases are great for showcasing collectible, valuable or attractive items of stock. These lockable shop glass showcase cabinets can be placed anywhere in the store and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all requirements. Durable, with toughened safety glass and solid black MDF plinth base, frameless glass cabinets can help any retailer maximise their display area and attract customers to the store.

Frameless glass display shop showcases come with an array of optional features such as LED and halogen lighting, adjustable shelves and mirror back panels.

What are frameless glass display cases?

Frameless glass showcases are vertical display systems constructed from toughened glass and mounted on a plinth. They differ from other shop glass display units as they have no aluminium or wooden frame. The panes of glass are held together with steel connectors, meaning that displays are more lightweight and offer greater visibility.

These retail display cabinets come in different models and sizes. Each display unit is fitted with clear glass adjustable shelves and either hinged or sliding lockable glass doors. Units can be fitted with lighting and mirror back panel accessories to bring to life displays of rare merchandise, antiques, figurines, trophies, medals, jewellery and much more. The 360 degree clear glass surround means that these display cabinets can be placed anywhere on the shop floor and offer full visibility from all angles.

Features of these display units include:

  • 6mm toughened safety glass
  • easy to operate push and key lock systems
  • DIY kit form supply for easy assembly
  • optional LED or halogen spot lighting or strip lighting
  • mirror back panels to offer extra light and appearance of additional space
  • storage cabinet on top of the base plinth for extra storage space

Types of frameless glass display showcase

We stock an assortment of glass display showcase cabinets. These include:

  • Premium frameless showcases – 1980mm height x 400mm depth and available in two widths (1000mm and 1800mm). These sturdy units come with sliding doors, 4 adjustable shelves with 10kg loading per shelf, and a plinth base with castors. The larger (1800mm width) model includes a clear glass separator partition for added strength.
  • Mirror back frameless tower display showcases – these ultra narrow models are 510mm (width) x 510mm (depth) x 2170mm (height). Great for displaying items such as jewellery or small ceramic craftware. The mirror back panel gives additional light and dimension to the display. Comes with hinged door and 4 internal shelves with chrome supports.
  • Frameless glass shop display showcases – available in four different widths of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. The other dimensions are 1800mm (height) x 400mm (depth). Sliding doors with push lock feature. The 900mm and 1200mm width models come with 4 adjustable shelves (8kg loading per shelf). The 1500mm and 1800mm width models have 5 adjustable shelves.
  • Deluxe frameless glass shop display showcases – the largest frameless display model that is perfect for bigger stores. Features lockable sliding doors, 5 adjustable shelves with 10kg load capacity each, and optional LED lighting. Model size is 510mm (depth) x 1800mm (height). Three width sizes available – 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.
  • Deluxe display cabinet with storage – this frameless glass showcase is fitted on top of a white wooden storage cabinet for extra storage. 3 adjustable internal shelves. 510Mm (depth) x 1800mm (height). Three width sizes available – 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

Benefits of frameless glass display showcases

These showcase cabinets have a great many advantages to them, including:

Attractiveness – these display cases are extremely eye-catching and will easily become a focal point in any store, drawing the attention of shoppers and passers by. You can add to the visual effects with internal lighting and even by placing products on individual display stands.

Easy to use – all models are easy to assemble, use and maintain. They are supplied in DIY kit form. Shelves are easy to adjust, locks are simple to operate and the glass surfaces can be kept clean with a regular wipe down with a damp cloth.

Durability – the 6mm safety glass is shatter and scratch resistant, so these display cabinets can last a long time if properly looked after.

Safe and secure – the lockable door feature means that merchandise is kept on display but can’t be touched unless under supervision. This helps to protect against theft and damage. It also saves time on having to rearrange displays at the end of each day.

Space saving – the frameless design and 360 degree visibility means that there is no waste in terms of space. Every inch of internal space can be effectively utilised and all items can be seen from all angles, meaning extra browsing space.

Where frameless glass display showcases can be used

Shop glass showcases are suitable for any retail environment, from multi-storey department store to tiny corner antiques store. Examples of stores and products that are well-suited to these display systems include:

  • Arts and crafts stores – can display products such as figurines, ceramics and glassware.
  • Clothing stores – designer boutiques can use glass displays for expensive accessories or jewellery items.
  • Antiques stores – can safely and securely store rare and fragile figurines, toys, books, etc.
  • Electronics stores – great for expensive mobiles, laptops and gadgets.
  • Gift stores – expensive gift products such as bone china tea sets can be creatively displayed.
  • Trophy stores – can display trophies, medals, plaques and silverware.
  • Jewellery stores – perfect for expensive and exclusive items such as necklaces, rings or watches.
  • Museums and galleries – any public space exhibiting rarities or artefacts can display them effectively in these lockable cases.

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