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Slatmesh Display Grid Mesh Stands

If you’re looking for a low-cost display unit, or perhaps something mobile that can be used for multiple purposes, then wire grid merchandisers are the perfect solution to your needs.

What are mesh display stands?

Grid mesh stands are a highly versatile type of shop display stand. Instead of a slatwall or pegboard, grid mesh units use a steel grid with mesh panels that allow for products to be displayed in a variety of ways.

As well as being low-cost and versatile, grid mesh stands are easy to assemble and transport, making them a popular choice for mobile pop-up stands at events.

The stands come in several styles and sizes and can be used with shelves and all modern accessories. The gridwall mesh display panels can also be wall mounted to create an attractive fixed retail display.

What are grid mesh display stands used for?

Due to the ease of assembly and mobility, grid mesh units are commonly used for one-off events such as trade shows, exhibitions, fairs or information days, as well as market stalls where displays have to be moved around a lot or packed down at end of day. They are suitable for retail store bulky items presentation, e.g. newsagents, gift shops, card shops, pet shops, hardware stores and electronics stores.

The gridwall mesh can accommodate a range of accessories to sell anything from clothing and jewellery to iPads and mobile phones.

Mesh display stands brackets & accessories

  • Shelving – the units can be fitted with traditional shelves, with slatwall brackets fitting into the mesh stands to support glass or melamine shelves. Acrylic perspex shelving can also be attached to the panels. This is available as angled shelving (for magazines) and shoe shelving (for individual shoes)
  • Slat wall faceouts and waterfalls – ideal for rows of clothing garments
  • Hooks and prongs – for hang-sell display items, e.g. jewellery
  • Acrylic holders – available in various styles and sizes to suit magazines, greetings cards, DVDs/CDs, iPads, mobile phones or even A4 signage
  • Bins and baskets – available in wire or acrylic, useful for loose products such as stationery or kids’ toys

Types of mesh display stand

  • Single-sided stands – for displays placed up against a wall
  • Double-sided stands – for free-standing or aisle displays
  • T-shaped stands – units with an additional bay at one end that can be used to extend a display or sell promotional or temporary items
  • H-shaped stands – units with end bays at both ends to extend the product space for larger displays
  • 3-way stands – units with three stands positioned in the shape of a triangle to maximise use of space
  • 4-way stands – another space-saving option, with four interlinking adjacent panels

All stands have the option of coming with a base fitted with wheels for extra mobility.

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