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Slat Wall Brochure Holders

Plastic brochure holders are a great way of keeping brochures, leaflets, flyers and magazines tidy and well-organised. They can be used in retail stores, information centres, office environments as well as at pop-up events. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, you can have your holders standing on a shop counter, fixed to a wall or even on a spinning stand.

What are brochure holders?

Perspex brochure holders are purpose-designed plastic containers that can display promotional or informational literature of a certain size. Available in sizes to hold anything from business cards to newspapers and magazines, they allow businesses and organisations to display information – pertaining to themselves or third parties – in an organised and browser-friendly fashion. Popular with all types of outlet, they suit any store design and are compatible with all systems including slat wall units. Holders come in single and multi pocket designs so can be used to advertise a range of information within a small space.

Where can they be used?

Perspex holders are suitable for all kinds of public space, including retail stores, where brochures or leaflets need to be displayed. They can also be used for retail purposes to sell products such as magazines, newspapers or comics. Examples of stores that can benefit from these holders:

  • Doctors surgeries – can be used to keep public health information brochures and leaflets stacked neatly and tidily instead of having them in a loose pile on the waiting room table where they can end up in a mess.
  • Music stores – one type of store that gets many requests to display flyers on the shop counter, which again can quickly create a mess.
  • Newsagents – can display newspapers and magazines in the larger A4 holders as well as stationery such as paper and envelopes in smaller holders.
  • Chemists – can display health information in counter stands that customers can browse while queueing for prescriptions and other goods.
  • Information centres – can display a range of information using counter stands, wall-mounted displays and modular rotating stands.

What are the benefits of plastic holders?

They’re practical – holders keep everything well organised which saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent tidying and rearranging piles of leaflets or brochures that have been displayed loosely on a table or counter. They also make it very easy for customers to find information, with the vertical displays more browser-friendly than information presented horizontally on a flat counter.

They can increase sales – retailers can use the holders as promotional tools, advertising sales, events or forthcoming new releases. For stores that can display retail goods in the holders, e.g. newsagents or comic stores, they provide additional retail space meaning more products can be displayed.

They’re durable – all holders are made from high-quality acrylic which is resistant to scratching and shattering and will last a long time if looked after.

Types of holders available

  • Wall mounted brochure holder – can be attached directly to the wall with screws or clipped into a slat unit. Available as A4 brochure holdersA5 brochure holdersDL brochure holders, 1/3 A4 holders, multi-pocket tiered design or a wall-mounted kit.
  • Counter stands – useful for displaying information to customers as they queue. Available in A4, A5, DL, 1/3 A4, business card size, multi-pocket tiered display and A4/A5 sign holder.
  • Modular stands – rotating stands with a heavy duty base that can hold up to 4 levels of pockets. Great if you want to create an information area. Available in A4, A5 and 1/3/ A4.

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