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Data Pricing Label Strips

Shelf data strips are a great accessory for keeping your stock well organised. They enable you to display key information about products in a way that doesn’t interfere with the product itself. No more sticky labels that customers have to worry about peeling away! These handy accessories are easy to use and are compatible with all shelving systems and designs.

What are data strips?

Retail data strips, also known as pricing strips or price holders, are plastic strips of material that can be attached at the front of retail shelving displays. The strips are supplied without labels. The labels can be printed out on standard paper, cut to size which then can be inserted to provide important information about products on the shelf immediately above. Strips are self-adhesive and are very easy to use. They are simply attached to the top or front of the shelving lip and can be removed without leaving any mark to the surface. These accessories are a useful alternative to placing information such as pricing directly on the products themselves and are commonly used in all kids of retail stores including clothing stores, stationers, chemists and homeware stores.

What can they be used for?

Strips are used for informational purposes and can display all sorts of useful information about products. This can include:

  • Product price – instead of using a price gun or pricing tags which risk soiling the products on display, you can pop the price on a label and insert into the strip at the front of the shelf. Once the product has sold, simply replace it with a new product and update the price if necessary.
  • Description – you can also utilise strips to add labels containing short descriptions so that you can impart useful information on the product. This is difficult with conventional labels that attach to products as you risk obscuring too much of the product itself.
  • Bar code – you can use strips to insert labels containing product bar codes.

Where can they be used?

Pricing strips can be used on any type of shelving unit including fixed wall-mounted shelving, free-standing gondola shelves, tiered display shelves and even glass display counters. They are compatible with all non-porous shelving materials including powder-coated steel, glass, acrylic and wooden melamine shelving.

Types of shelving unit where shelf strips can be used include:

  • Traditional steel shelves – both flat and angled data strips fit nicely to the front lip of steel shelving of all sizes to create an efficient and effective display system.
  • Acrylic display stands – small strips can be attached to the smooth shelf edges of individual acrylic stands showcasing products such as electronic goods.
  • Wire baskets – hanging strips are ideal for wire shelving and wire baskets so that product barcode or pricing can be made visible.

Examples of stores in Australia that can make great use of this retail application include:

  • Supermarkets – with so many varied products for sale, it is vital that supermarkets and large grocery stores have an effective labelling system in place to inform both customers and staff. Data strips eliminate the hassle of having to label up each individual item.
  • Clothing boutiques – can use strips creatively as information tickets to help sell exclusive and high quality branded merchandise.
  • Electronics stores – great for displaying barcode and price information on laptops, tablets and other gadgets.
  • Petrol stations – can use hanging labels on wire baskets to draw customer attention towards discounted goods, or perhaps some flat labels on neat acrylic counter units.
  • Hardware stores – negotiating your way around a busy hardware store is made much easier if the store has a clearly labelled shelving system, and if the product information is neatly displayed on the labels then it saves having to spend time flagging down a member of staff to question.
  • Book stores – labels can be used on flat or angled shelving in book stores to convey anything from item price to short product reviews.
  • Newsagents – strip labelling is ideal for keeping the multiple small stationery products in good order.
  • Chemists – another type of store that sells a variety of products in an array of different display units, from conventional stack shelving to wire baskets. These labels are great for putting a visible pricing system in place.

Benefits of data strips

These accessories have a number of advantages for your store, such as:

  • Better organization of stock – these labels allow you to systemize your display units and easily group items that are the same or similar under one easy-to-read heading. Because the pricing strips are clear, easily identifiable and neatly designed, they help provide a sense of order to shop layouts of all kinds.
  • Enhances customer browsing experience – customers tend to appreciate anything that boosts the shopping experience so it’s always worth putting as much effort into thinking about how you display goods as you do about what you are selling. Data strips make it easier for shoppers to navigate their way around the store and help them avoid having to question staff about goods.
  • Saves time for store workers – a well-organized store makes it easier for staff as well as customers. Additionally, staff time is freed up if they’re not having to field customer queries every few minutes. Finally, the group pricing capabilities of data labels means no more hours spent in stock rooms tagging individual items with a price gun.
  • Increases brand awareness – labels can be customized which means that you can add logos or use fonts associated with either the store brand or particular product brands.
  • Increases sales – obviously, the main cumulative benefit to all this is an increase in sales at the end of the day. Data strips are ultimately designed to be as cost-effective as possible, so that stores can boost revenue for very little outlay.
  • Saves on advertising costs – these shelving accessories are very cheap to produce and cost stores very little. Shipping costs are also very low as products are small and lightweight. Compared to other accessories that can be used in store promotions, data tickets are an all-round win!

Types of data strip

Flat data strips – perfect for flat surfaces such as metal shelving and gondola units. These strips attach vertically to the front of the shelf and are available in 26mm, 39mm, 60mm and 80mm heights and various lengths. Commonly used in both retail stores and warehouses  on longspan shelving, pallet racking beams and popular in shops such as stationers and hardware stores.

Angled data strips – strips that are displayed at a slight angle rather than vertical. They come either as top mounted, which best suit metal and glass shelving, and front mounted, which are best used for melamine shelves. Available in 26mm and 39mm heights and varying lengths. Useful for making information easier to read on lower shelves.

Hanging data strips – hanging strips are the same as the other pricing strips except for that they clip rather than stick into position. These are for use on wire shelving products such as wire baskets, wire mesh gondola units and front fences.

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