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Melamine Shelves

They can be used for stacked display or for individual showcasing of a variety of products from books to crystal ware. Melamine shelving can be used anywhere in the store, whether that be as part of a wall display, aisle display, behind the counter or to add a touch of style to a window gondola display. Stores ranging from upmarket designer outlets to discount warehouse establishments can benefit from these elegant and well-crafted wooden shelves that fit nicely into any retail environment.

What are melamine shelves?

Melamine shelves are flat rectangular shelves with a PVC edging that make them resistant to knocks and chipping. The shelves attach to display units via shelving brackets to enable the display of an assortment of light and medium-weight merchandise. Our melamine shelving is 18mm thick with a 2mm protective edge to give it added durability. Melamine is a form of man-made wood manufactured from real woods mixed with the melamine organic compound, which is also used in the manufacturing of products such as paint, dinnerware and laminate flooring. Melamine wood is stronger and heavier than normal wood, which makes it great for smaller shelves as it has a greater load-bearing capacity and is less likely to crack.

Melamine is also cheaper than most standard woods. The faux wood-grain finish given to wood melamine shelving gives it an authentic look while being easier to clean and more moisture resistant than natural wood products. Melamine timber shelves are becoming a popular modern alternative to natural wood shelving because of these benefits. All melamine shelving is fully compatible with slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh display systems and can be used with both fixed-wall panel systems and free-standing gondola shelving units.

Melamine shelving sizes and colours

Melamine shelves are available in the following sizes:

  • 600mm width x 280mm depth x 18mm thickness
  • 900mm width x 280mm depth x 18mm thickness
  • 1200mm width x 280mm depth x 18mm thickness

The shelving is available in colours of white, black, beech, charcoal or brushed silver.

How to use melamine shelves

Melamine shelves are easy to use and assemble and it should only take a few minutes to get them in place. Once you have the unit where the shelves will be placed ready, you can put the shelves up using the following procedures:

  • Attach two steel shelving brackets to your shelving unit. If you have a slat based shelving system, this can be done by simply sliding the brackets into the aluminium grooves in between the slat panels. If you have a pegboard system or are placing shelves directly onto the wall, the brackets will fit into a shelving bracket strip.
  • Place metal IDC clips onto the shelving brackets, two on each bracket (one near the front, one near the rear). These clips are fitted with suction cups which suck onto the shelves to keep them in place.
  • Press the melamine shelves firmly into place, pushing down to ensure that the IDC suction cups take a grip.
  • For extra stability, it is recommended that you screw the IDC clips to the shelves using 8 x 12mm screws.

Once you have done this, your melamine shelves are ready for use.

Looking after melamine shelves

Melamine shelving is quite easily maintained and can be kept looking fresh if looked after properly. Here are some tips on how best to protect and clean melamine surfaces and how to repair simple damages:

  • Protecting melamine – firstly, it’s important to regularly dust the shelves to prevent build up of dust and dirt which can spoil the shine of the surfaces over time. You can do this with a wipe across using a soft cloth. Sprays and polishes are not necessary, although can be used if you want added shine. Secondly, keep the shelving out of direct sunlight as this will help to reduce any fading effects.
  • Cleaning melamine – to give shelves a nice clean, good old soap and water should do the trick. Use a microfibre cloth which can be dipped into the soap and water, or you can transfer the mixture into an empty spray bottle and apply to the shelving before wiping. Move the cloth with the grain and continue until the shelf is clean. Avoid using any abrasive or ammonia-based cleaning products as this can cause damage.
  • Repairing melamine – if your melamine shelving becomes scratched, it is not possible to sand out the scratch as you can with some other surface materials. However, you can purchase repair kits that will enable you to minimize the appearance of the marks or scratches.

Where melamine shelves can be used

Melamine wood shelving is adaptable to all kinds of retail outlet and is great for employing creative shop display techniques that will attract shoppers. This shelving is fully compatible with the following display systems:

  • Slat panel display gondolas or pegboard gondola units that are free-standing and can be placed anywhere in the stores as either single-sided or double-sided displays.
  • Fixed wall shelving panels that can be attached as a single panel display feature or used in multiple quantities to line the walls of a store.
  • Directly onto store walls using shelving brackets and bracket strips.

Examples of stores where melamine timber shelves can be used are:

  • Pharmacy stores – can be used to great effect to display goods either behind the counter or as part of a wall or aisle display, including stacked display of products such as cosmetics and hygiene products.
  • Gift stores – expensive and attractive gift products such as silverware or crystal merchandise can be showcased on eye-catching beech or brushed silver melamine shelving.
  • Stationery stores – can used these shelves for stacked displays of folders or notepads as well as for behind-the-counter displays of more expensive or exclusive products such as designer pen sets.
  • Clothing stores – depending on type of store, these shelves can be great for folded clothing displays or accessories such as designer handbags. Upmarket fashion brand stores can kit their stores out in alluring charcoal shelves, stores wanting an earthy, authentic vibe can opt for beech shelves while gothic and alternative establishments may prefer the chic black design.
  • Electronics stores – can showcase electronic gadgets, laptops and mobile phones to great effect on slat panel display gondolas.
  • Hardware stores – can use white shelving for a range of medium-weight products such as tools or equipment for use in the kitchen or the garden.
  • Toy stores – shelving can be used for attractive displays of boxed games, electronic toys, books or even action figures and dolls.

Advantages of using melamine shelves

  • They look great – the polished finish to melamine shelving gives it a look of quality and makes it a more attractive shelving option than steel or many types of natural wood shelving. Melamine shelves can provide the perfect finishing touch to a well-planned layout or shop re-fit.
  • They’re very durable – not only are melamine wood shelves heavier and stronger than natural wood shelves, melamine is also waterproof and resistant to scratches and breakages. These shelves are a good long-lasting shop fitting option.
  • There is a wide selection available – with five colours to choose from, there is a melamine shelving option to suit all kinds of retail store vibe.
  • They are not expensive – melamine shelves are generally cheaper than natural wooden shelves as they are cheaper to manufacture, which makes them an ideal choice for stores operating on a shop fitting budget or larger outlets needing to buy bulk amounts.
  • They are easy to maintain – all these shelves require is a semi-regular wipe down with a warm damp cloth and they should remain in good condition for many years.

Melamine shelves for sale

You can buy melamine shelves online or visit our showroom in Sydney to browse our products and ask questions. We sell melamine shelving in all detailed sizes and colours at very competitive prices, with affordable shipping options and through all main payment methods. Product prices are:

600mm width melamine shelves – $9.95 per shelf plus shipping costs

900mm width shelves – $15.50 per shelf plus shipping costs

1200mm width shelves – $19.95 per shelf plus shipping costs

If you are a retailer based in Australia looking to fit out or refit a store, get in touch with Shopfittings Direct by calling 02 9608 5122 or sending an email to Our specialist team of shop fittings technicians will be happy to advise you on your requirements and talk you through our extensive range of shelving products and accessories. We are based in Sydney but take orders from stores across Australia through our website. So whether you’re a small family business in Brisbane, an industry-leading brand name in Melbourne or anything in between, drop us a line.

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