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Black Metal Volcano Pegboard Gondola Shelving System

Black shelving can give your shop premises a distinctly chic vibe and make it stand out from the usual white and cream walled units that are the norm. One of the most popular models on the market is black metal volcano shelving. These pegboard gondolas are versatile and practical as well as attractive. What’s more, they suit a large array of retailer types and can be used with all modern accessories such as hooks and display baskets to create varied merchandise displays.

What is black metal volcano pegboard gondola shelving?

Black metal volcano pegboard gondola display units are a type of free-standing pegboard gondola shelving unit containing robust 1mm heavy duty panels with pegboard holes that can be fitted with brackets or accessories such as metal hooks, prongs, faceouts, display baskets and slanted display stands. Pegboard shelving systems are popular with businesses that require flexibility as well as good load capacity, as the large quantity of holes makes it easy to create tailored displays. The units are sturdy and can accommodate larger and heavier items, making them suitable for the likes of hardware stores and convenience stores.

Where can pegboard steel back gondola shelves be used?

The black gondola shelving has an eye-catching quality that makes it ideal for retailers looking to attract young shoppers or those with a bit of style. Stores where this sort of display unit fits in well include:

  • Clothing stores – stores that sell women’s clothing or accessories can look great kitted out in black display shelving and can take advantage of the hangsell and multiple display options.
  • Cosmetics stores – another type of store that looks cool with these shiny black units. Packaged items can be nicely organised on a hangsell display.
  • Sports stores – these stores sell a wide range of sports clothing and equipment both large and small that can be displayed on shelves, through hangsell or in display bins.
  • Niche stores – stores that sell things to niche or cult markets such as comic shops or collector stores can give their premises an original and classy look.
  • Petrol stations – these stores sell a wide variety of goods from magazines to DIY accessories so can benefit from shop shelving that offers flexibility as well as the opportunity to load up units and maximise the amount of goods on display in a tight space.
  • Hardware stores – usually have an assortment of products that are either best displayed by hangsell on hooks or loosely and safely displayed in wire baskets or containers.
  • Electronics stores – the sleek black metal look is well suited to electronics stores who can make good use of the hangsell options to display computer and mobile phone accessories and use the data strips for clear and easy information display.
  • Discount stores – can benefit from the flexibility offered by black metal shelving as the pegboard design makes units quick and easy to operate and change displays, making them perfect for fast-paced retail environments.

What are the benefits of pegboard steel back gondola systems?

There are a number of advantages to this type of gondola shelving, including:

  • Versatility – pegboard is one of the most flexible types of shop units on the market, designed to give the retailer maximum freedom to decide how they want to display merchandise (rows of shelves, hangsell, display containers, or a mix of these).
  • Appearance – these gondola shelving pegboard units are very distinct in appearance, offering an alternative to standard white or wooden shop fitting equipment.
  • Mobility – the gondola units can be moved around the shop with ease. They can also be set up and packed down quickly, making them a good choice for mobile retailers too.
  • Durability – these steel shelving units are tough and are sturdy enough for busy retail environments where products are handled multiple times on a daily basis. If well looked after and maintained, volcano pegboard gondola shelving can last many years.
  • Compatibility with accessories – not just the standard display accessories such as metal prongs, metal shelving and wire baskets but this store shelving can also be fitted with kick plates, magnetic sign holders and data strips to offer a rounded display experience.
  • Cost-effectiveness – all of our units are reasonably priced and, due to the durability, flexibility and capacity to maximise display options, money spent goes a long way and you will see a good return on your investment in no time at all.

Features of black metal volcano pegboard gondola shelving  

This black gondola shelving has a number of stand out features to enhance the appearance and functionality of your store, including:

  • flexible pegboard design – with multiple 6mm holes spaced 25.4mm apart, meaning that you are given a blank canvas to work with in terms of creative and flexible displays. The perforations can accommodate a wide array of accessories for hangsell and container display
  • unique sunk-in volcano shape design – this black gondola shelving is in the volcano style which is a unique modern type of pegboard shelving.
  • attractive black metal units – the dark colour to the shelving adds a shine to the units, making them more visually appealing and suitable for stores such as fashion stores, hardware stores and petrol stations as well as making them easier to keep clean.
  • sturdy steel panels – each of our units are fitted with durable steel panels that are capable of holding medium-weight loads, with wire basket accessories able to contain loads of around 5-10kg each

Types of pegboard steel back gondola shelving 

  • Single-sided units – available as 450mm standard or 300mm narrow aisle in different heights. Suitable for displays placed up against a wall.
  • Double-sided units – suitable for aisle displays in the middle of the shop. Available in the same models as single-sided units. 
  • Inside corner units – shelving that bends round at a 90-degree angle for display in the corner of a store, allowing retailers to make use of dead space. Available in a range of heights from 1200mm to 2400mm.
  • End bays – these units fix neatly onto the end of standard gondola pegboard retail display units at a 90-degree angle to create a T-shape display and make extra use of store space. This is great if you want to finish off a contained display space. Units are available in multiple sizes to fit standard, narrow and deep bay shelving units.

Accessories that can be used with black metal volcano pegboard gondola shelving

All of our black gondola shelving for sale can be bought in conjunction with a comprehensive assortment of display accessories that will maximise the potential of this store shelving. Accessories include:

  • upper flat metal shelf levels – our 32mm flat front steel metal shelves attach using the black steel bracket attachment strips that are fitted at either side of each of the black retail gondola shelving units. Shelves come in multiple sizes up to 900mm width and 450mm depth and can be used for standard stack display of anything from tins of paint to books to spaced out ornamental goods.
  • metal hooks and prongs – the perfect accessories for simple hangsell displays as they easily and neatly slip in and out of the carved perforated holes. Both hooks and prongs are sold in a variety of sizes and come in styles such as loop hooks for the display of small boxed and packeted products. Some can even be fitted with little price or information strip tags. Great for stores such as stationers, clothing accessory or hardware stores that benefit from the convenience of hangsell displays.
  • front wire fences and dividers – these metal shelves flanked with container fences and separated with internal dividers are available both as flat and angled display accessories in a variety of sizes to suit all needs. The angled shelves are particularly well suited for the display of newspapers and magazines in newsagents, petrol stations and book stores as they allow for greater visibility of products while keeping them safely and neatly displayed.
  • wire baskets and dividers – these wire containers are also available in both flat and angled design. Baskets come in widths ranging from 600mm to 1200mm. Perfect if you have loose, small and awkwardly shaped products to display, for example small fluffy toys, tennis balls or small boxed goods.
  • kick plates – these accessories are metal plates that are fitted at the bottom of the shelving units and can be used purely for appearance or even have a functional purpose such as being used for sign display or to conceal reserve stock stored underneath the shelving units. Plates are made to fit all shelving sizes and easily pop on and off of units.
  • magnetic sign holders – these metal sign holders come as either individual middle brackets or a pair of end brackets. They can be used to attach side-facing signs displaying price or product information to shelving displays, visible to browsers as they walk along shop aisles.
  • data strips – these strips are easy to attach and remove from shelving units and are used to display price and product information in a neat, uniform and space-saving way. The strips attach to shelving lips or front fences and are available in flat, angled and hanging design.

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