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Glass Display Cubes & Accessories

Glass display cubes, display cube light boxes, cube display bases and base storage units.

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your retail display, then glass display cubes could be the solution for you. These multi purpose display containers are easy to use, great for drawing the attention of shoppers and can be used for a diverse assortment of merchandise as a great alternative to using standard shelving displays. This glass display shelving is available in various different configurations of cube cabinets, from single cubes to 12-cube stacks. They can also be customised with a number of easy to use accessories that can make them suitable for any retail environment.

What are glass display cubes?

Glass display cubes are cube-shaped glass box display cases made out of toughened safety glass. They differ from many other types of glass-based retail display in that they are frameless – made entirely out of glass apart from the steel connectors which join the sheets of safety glass. The glass cube display cabinets are designed out of individual cubes. They are available in various different sizes, with larger models consisting of multiple cubes stacked on top of each other or side by side. Cube display units are great for showcasing products such as jewellery, trophies, antiques or rare collectible goods.

The glass cubes are perfect for brightening up any retail outlet and giving store owners a stylish option for creating eye-catching and innovative displays. Features of these units include:

  • interlocking 5mm polished edge safety glass panels
  • premium quality steel chrome plated connectors that securely join the panels together
  • a range of optional additional features including safety locks, mirrored back and base panels, fitted LED lighting, hinged doors and additional glass shelves

These glass display units can be placed anywhere in the store, whether that be up against walls, free standing in store aisles or in front window displays. Smaller models are suitable for counter top display.

Types of glass display cube available

Glass cube displays are available in the following models:

  • Single cube – single 400mm x 400mm x 400mm frameless cube that is suitable for counter top or table top displays
  • Mini counter top display – consisting of 3 mini 400mm x 400mm x 265mm glass cubes stacked on top of each other to form a mini tower of 850mm in height. Features two internal glass shelves which make it perfect for point-of-sale display of anything from jewellery to cakes
  • Tower cube display – stacked cube displays available as a 2 cube (830mm height), 3 cube (1230mm height) and 4 cube (1640mm height) displays. There is also a 6 cube model featuring shorter cubes, with 5 internal glass shelves and a height of 1660mm
  • Multi and mega cube configurations – these include twin cube displays in three different models (2 cubes wide x 2 cubes high, 2 cubes wide x 3 cubes high, 2 cubes wide x 4 cubes high), the 9 cube mega tower (3 cubes wide x 3 cubes high), the 12 cube mega tower (3 cubes wide x 4 cubes high) and the 9 cube step tower (3 cubes wide, with ascending columns of 2, 3 and 4 cubes high)

Glass cube accessories

  • Glass shelves – additional 400mm x400mm glass shelves made from 4mm thick toughened safety glass.
  • Mirror panels – 5mm thick mirror glass panels that can be used as base or back panels to add light and effect. Not safety glass.
  • Timber plinth bases – 100mm high wooden bases for extra lift, available in black or white melamine
  • Storage cases – 500mm high base cases featuring lock and removable internal shelf
  • Timber light pelmets – featuring 10 watt LED white spotlight
  • LED strip lighting – can be fitted inside the cubes
  • Hinged doors – can be fitted for ease of access
  • Cam locks – optional on hinged doors for added security

Where can glass display cubes be used?

These units look great in all kinds of retail outlets but are particularly well suited to stores selling valuables or rarities. Different models appeal to different types of stores. Examples of where these cases can be used effectively are:

  • Jewellery stores – great for keeping valuable jewellery pieces well organised and attractively displayed. Jewellers can choose from the range of towers and mega-cube configurations to suit their requirements.
  • Antiques stores – collectible and valuable items such as ornaments, knick-knacks and rare books can be kept in pristine condition.
  • Electronics stores – valuable and easily shop-soiled goods such as laptops, new model mobile phones and expensive tech gadgets look good in these cases and are protected from customer handling.
  • Bakery stores – artisan cakes and other baked and crafted delicacies look great as part of either a counter top or a tower cube window display.
  • Arts and crafts stores – the multi and mega cube tower displays look great in an artistic environment and give creative store owners the chance to show off their individualism with unique merchandise displays.
  • Gift stores – expensive and attractive gifts such as figurines or designer stationery sets can be brought to life in a display with LED lighting.
  • Designer boutiques – can use glass display cases for exclusive accessories such as designer scarves and gloves laid out as part of a cube tower display in the window or on the shop floor.
  • Trophy stores – the larger glass cases offer the perfect display solution for these stores to safely and effectively showcase anything from silver cups to medals to commemorative plaques.

Where glass display cubes can be placed in your store

These large and small glass display cases are a great feature to add anywhere in your store. For example, you can place them:

  • Against the shop walls – units don’t take up too much room so can line the walls of stores such as collectors stores or jewelry stores without disrupting customer space. The larger display cases such as the 9-cube or 12-cube display towers can provide a beautiful eye-catching perimeter to any shop environment.
  • On the shop floor – cube towers can provide an innovative alternative display style to bog standard shelving for modern stores, for example cutting edge electronics or gadget stores. The units are free standing and will again give you space-saving opportunities while still offering scope to place plenty of merchandise on display.
  • On the shop counter – the smaller lockable glass display cases such as the 1-cube, 2-cube and 3-cube models are a fantastic counter feature if your counter unit has space to accommodate. This looks great in toy stores and artisan bakeries and are an ideal way of encouraging extra browsing and thus extra sales while shoppers queue to make their purchase.
  • Window displays – what better arena for a well-designed and creative glass case display than in the window where it can be appreciated by passers-by even after store closing time? The larger glass units can stand freely in the window while our smaller glass display cases for sale can be placed on stands or tables for added effect.

Benefits of glass display cubes

There are a number of important benefits of glass cubes to retail store owners. These include:

  • They are stylish – glass display cases add a touch of class to the store and are an effective showpiece that can be used to draw shoppers into the store and towards certain products. Goods can be attractively displayed on stands inside the cubes, and accessories such as LED lighting and mirrored glass can be used to good effect to create stylish arrangements.
  • They are very easy to use – from being easy to assemble to causing a minimal fuss in maintenance on a day-to-day basis, these cubes are designed to make life easier as well as help shift units. Shelves fit easily in and out with adjustable clips and everything is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • They are flexible – from small counter top models to the 12 cube mega towers, there is something to suit every retailer from elite boutiques to dusty old antique stores, from multi-floor department chain stores to tiny family-run independent businesses.
  • They are durable – all products are made using toughened safety glass and high-quality chrome steel connectors. The glass is scratch and stain proof and, unlike materials such as metal or wood, won’t start to deteriorate in quality as time goes on. All cases should last very many years if looked after properly.
  • They offer protective display – all products displayed in the glass cases can be viewed but not touched. This helps to protect stock against damage, shop soiling or theft, which is a good money-saving benefit to businesses.
  • They save on space – glass display cubes are very efficiently designed so as to include no waste. There is no cumbersome or chunky wooden frame or elaborate design feature that serves no purpose. Every millimeter inside the case can be used as display space, so these units are a very effective use of space on the shop floor. Ultimately, more products can be displayed and there is more room for browsers in the store.

How to enhance your glass cube displays with accessories

You can bring your displays to life by adding an extra dimension to them with the available accessories which enable you to be creative with the layout of your merchandise and draw the attention of store browsers. Both our large and small glass display cases for Australia stores can be fitted with add-ons including:

  • Light fittings – whether this is LED strip lighting or timber pelmets, lighting can be used not just to brighten up products but to add a shine to them, whether this be a 12-cube trophy wall cube display or a small glass jewelry display case sitting next to the cash register.
  • Mirror panels – perfect for combining with display lighting to increase the illumination and also add a spatial dimension to the displays, making them look bigger and more filled with merchandise than they actually are.
  • Glass shelving – extra shelving can be supplied to help you maximise your display space within the glass cabinets. This is great if you have smaller items to showcase, such as figurines, ornamental goods or decorative jewelry. A small glass display case with shelves placed at the point of sale can be a good way of generating extra sales.

Glass display cube prices

Our glass cubes prices are very reasonable and we offer economical shipping options to help businesses save on costs. Here is a rough guide on product prices:

  • Single display cubes – from $41.50 to $159.25 plus shipping costs
  • 3 cube mini counter top display cubes – from $90.00 to $241.35 plus shipping costs
  • Stacked cube towers – from $129.50 to $531.80 plus shipping costs
  • Multi and mega cube configurations – from $145.50 to $1127.50 plus shipping costs
  • Additional glass shelves – $24.50 plus shipping costs
  • Mirror panels – $19.95 plus shipping costs
  • Timber plinth bases – from $49.50 to $189.00 plus shipping costs
  • Timber storage cabinets – from $148.50 to $248.50 plus shipping costs
  • Timber light pelmets – from $129.50 to $258.00 plus shipping costs

If you are a retail store interested in purchasing glass display cubes or any other shop fitting or commercial shelving product, get in touch with Shopfittings Direct on 02 9608 5122 or email We can supply and ship anything from clothing racks to glass display cubes to Australia-wide businesses, including stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. You can visit our showroom in Sydney, order stock online, or contact our expert staff who will be glad to answer your questions and help advise you on your purchase. We offer competitive prices as well as discounts on bulk orders.

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