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Metal Slatwall Gondola Modular Shelves

Slatwall gondola units are one of the best modern shop fitting solutions on the market, popular with retailers from shopping mall chain stores to independent stores. They are ultra-flexible, look good and can take heavier loads than most other designs. These reliable modular shelving systems can be placed anywhere in your store and utilised with a range of handy accessories to bring your products alive.

What is slatwall gondola modular shelving?

Slatwall shelving is a modern type of display shelving featuring a wall of horizontal metal slat panels with grooves at 100mm increments in between each one where shelving brackets and accessories can be fitted. The attachments slide easily in and out of position, meaning that you can rearrange you store displays at any time without having to unscrew any fixtures and fittings. The metal display gondola shelves are free-standing and can be placed anywhere in a shop – against a wall, in columns to create shop aisles, or in the shop window for a feature display. Slatwall is popular with retailers who want display units that are flexible, sturdy and attractive. It is compatible with a range of accessories including different metal display fixtures, prongs, display bins and acrylic shelving.

Benefits of slatwall gondola shelving include:

  • Ease of use – it can be assembled, moved around and cleaned easily
  • Versatility – compatible with all accessories so displays can be tailored according to taste
  • Durability – long-lasting and can take heavier load capacity than pegboard or grid mesh systems
  • Smart – slatwall units are neat and modernize the appearance of the retail space

Where can slatwall gondola modular display units be used?

Slatwall modular metal shelving is suitable for all kinds of retailers. As it’s affordable yet has an elegant look to it, slatwall modular shelving is equally popular with high street stores and high end boutiques. Products can be stacked traditionally on rows of shelving, displayed by hangsell, on specialized faceout fixtures.

Examples of stores that can make good use of slatwall gondola units include:

  • Clothes shops – items can be folded and displayed on shelves or stands, or they can be hung using waterfalls or faceouts, while packaged goods and accessories can be placed on hangsell.
  • Hardware stores – the sturdiness of slatwall makes it ideal for heavier items, while packaged items and smaller loose individual items can be placed on hooks and in display bins.
  • Gift shops – can make use of the various accessories to display a wide range of goods of all shapes and sizes, while the neatness of the slat panel displays give the store an upmarket feel.

Accessories that can be used with slatwall systems

Fittings that can be used with slatwall units include:

Types of metal slatwall gondola modular shelves

This type of retail store shelving is available in a number of styles.

2 colour finishes  – classic white and the exclusive pearl jet black powder- coat options

Single-sided units – available as 450mm, 300mm narrow aisle and 550mm in heights varying from 1200mm to 2400mm.

Modules – this system offers the flexibility in 3 different units widths 600, 900 & 1200mm bays

Double-sided units – suitable for aisle displays in the middle of the shop. Available in the same models as single-sided units.

End bay units – display end units that fit at 90-degree angles at the end of a standard unit. Useful for sale or special displays.

Inside Corner bay units – L-shaped units that can be placed in shop corners to utilise dead space.

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