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Slatwall Metal Display Fittings

Slatwall is one of the most popular contemporary shop fitting solutions due in large part to its many different uses and suitability in diverse retail environments. Slatwall display fittings are what give slat wall systems their versatility. These metal accessories which range from shelf brackets to clothing hangrails slide easily into place on wall panels and gondola units, allowing stores to display pretty much anything of small and medium size and weight. Whether you’re a fashion retailer, a pharmacist, a book store or an electronics store, you can make use of an assortment of metal display fittings to bring your slat wall displays alive.

What are slatwall metal display fittings

Slat wall panel fittings are metal accessories that can be used on slat wall units to display products by hangsell or on traditional shelving. Slatwall units are typically designed with horizontal metal or medium density fibreboard (MDF) panels separated by aluminium-fitted grooves that are 100mm or 150mm apart. These metal display accessories have angled backplates that slot neatly into the grooves, meaning that you can arrange and rearrange store displays without any need for disruptive drilling, screwing or banging. The variety of accessories on offer means that you can comfortably display different types of goods on one wall panel, e.g. products stacked or stood on shelving or display stands next to goods displayed by hangsell using prongs or tube hangrails.

The versatility of slatwall and its accessories means that it can be used to showcase and sell merchandise as diverse as:

  • books and magazines
  • tinned supermarket goods or pharmacy medicines
  • clothing on hangrails, including jackets, tops, trousers and skirts
  • decorative ceramics and glassware
  • expensive jewellery
  • electronic goods including laptops and mobile phones
  • framed artistic works
  • sports products
  • packaged sweets or toys
  • hats, caps and other headgear
  • DIY tools and hardware goods

Where can slatwall metal display fittings be used?

Slatwall is becoming increasingly popular with retailers of all kinds who have been won over by its many benefits. A few examples of stores where metal slat accessories can be put to good use are:

Sports stores – the combination of practicality and visual appeal offered by slat wall systems have made them a top choice for sports retailers. Clothing such as rugby tops and running vests can be hung neatly, while the variety of metal holders can be used for balls, equipment and accessories.

Clothing stores – there are several accessories designed for clothing items, such as hangrails, faceouts, waterfalls and hat brackets, plus items can also be folded and placed on traditional shelves and accessories hung on hooks and prongs.

Hardware stores – these stores tend to have a wide mix of packaged and loose goods that are best displayed by hangsell, as well as products (e.g. tins of paint or varnish) that can be stacked up on shelves fitted into heavy duty slatwall units with a strong load bearing capacity.

Newsagents, supermarkets and grocery stores – one of the benefits of slat wall shop fittings is that the accessories allow you to maximise store space and get plenty of merchandise out on display using a mixture of shelving and hangsell. This makes it perfect for everyday convenience stores with a busy footfall and a diverse array of products to shift.

Gift and craft shops – can hang picture frames or clocks on specially designed metal hangers to create an eye-catching display, while items such as packaged toys or paints can be arranged in a hangsell display. 

Pharmacy stores – similar to newsagents and groceries, pharmacies are busy stores that have an assortment of products that can be arranged using shelving or hangsell accessories, so slatwall systems are very advantageous for them.

Discount stores and garages – these stores tend to have large proportions of pre-packaged goods that can be arranged in tidy hangsell displays on slat hooks and prongs so that customers can find what they need without bother.

Types of slatwall metal display fitting

There are several types of slat wall panel fittings that can be used to display different stock items.

Slatwall brackets

These fittings are used to hold slat shelving and hangsell accessories in place. The two main types of bracket are:

  • Straight metal brackets – these can be used for conventional glass, melamine or metal shelving, either in a standard model where the shelves sit on top of the brackets or with a stopper hook to prevent shelves from sliding. Available in varying sizes from 150mm to 450mm.
  • Ring brackets – these are straight brackets with a ring at the end to hold a hangrail in place.

Shelving brackets can also be fitted with small metal clips to help stabilise the shelves.

Slatwall prongs

Heavy duty display accessories for hangsell. Prongs are available in sizes from 75mm to 300mm and have an angled end to stop goods from sliding off to the floor. These are suitable for clothing accessories such as bags, belts and scarves as well as a range of other products including jewellery and packaged goods.

Clothing hangrails

These rails are suitable for the hangsell of side-facing clothing and garment products and come either with attachable brackets or as a single rectangular item.

  • One-piece rectangular hangrail – available in lengths of either 600mm or 900mm and with ball stops at each end to keep hangers in place.
  • Three-piece hangrail tubing combo – a kit consisting of two ring brackets, a hangrail tube and two end caps. Available in three sizes between 600mm and 1200mm length.


These straight fixtures are similar to prongs and hooks but thicker and longer. Used for front facing clothing and garment displays, there are two models available:

  • Rectangular faceout – narrow metal fitting with a lip at the end to prevent item slippage. Available in 300mm and 400mm lengths and in different width tubing.
  • Square tube faceout – square-shaped fitting with a ball stop at the end to keep garments in place. Available in 300mm length.


Also for front facing clothing and garment displays but these are angled and with evenly placed stoppers to enable tidier and more visible displays. The two models available are:

  • 9-pin waterfall – 510mm in length and with 9 high pin separators to keep garments in place.
  • 6-ball waterfall – 420mm in length and with 6 ball separators to keep clothing evenly placed.

Picture hooks

Short metal hooks that can be used for pictures, frames, mirrors, clocks or any item that needs to be attached closely to the display panel. The lip of the hook is 4mm away from the back plate and the products simply slide over the lip to be kept in place.

Hat brackets

Specialised design accessories suitable for clothing and sports stores that sell hats and headgear. Products include:

  • Ring hat brackets – designed for rimmed hats, featuring an L-shaped prong with a flat metal ring at the end for holding the hat.
  • Cap brackets – designed for baseball caps, with two 170mm hooks that can accommodate up to 5 caps each.

Ball brackets

These brackets consist of a small prong with a 150mm diameter horizontal ring onto which can be placed a variety of sports balls including footballs, rugby balls and basketballs.

Advantages of slatwall metal display fittings

They give stores plenty of display options – instead of simply stocking everything on rows and rows of shelving or having the majority of your stock taking up space on racks or in containers on the shop floor, the metal fittings give retailers the chance to organise their products into attractive and varied displays on a single wall or panel.

They are easy to use – all fittings simply slot in and out of place so it takes the hassle out of assembling displays and rearranging store layouts. No tools required and no worrying about having to make any holes or permanent marks in walls or fittings.

They’re highly durable – all accessories are made from durable chrome-plated metal and will last a long time if looked after. Slat wall panelling itself is one of the most durable shop fittings on the market and with a good load bearing capacity, so there is minimal risk of damage or breakages.

They’re not expensive – the majority of fittings available cost less than $10 (only the hangrails are more expensive at between $15-25 each) so even those on a budget can stock up without fear of over-spending. As these fittings enable you to display greater quantities of stock more effectively, any money spent out on products will soon be made back in sales.

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