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Acrylic Display Cases

The acrylic display case is a fantastic and convenient way to showcase merchandise either on your shop counter or shop floor. Perfect for goods that you don’t want handled or disturbed by customers, these mobile and lightweight units keep items safely displayed under lock and key and are available in an array of different styles to suit a variety of retail purposes.

What are acrylic cases?

Acrylic cases are transparent display units that are mostly designed to be placed on shop counters to give prominence to products such as cakes, gifts and memorabilia. The units are usually kept locked, making them ideal for items that are valuable, rare or that can be easily spoiled. They are a popular alternative to glass units for retailers who feel that glass may be a bit heavy or who are worried about the risks of glass breakages. Placing goods in an acrylic countertop display case is a great and secure way of encouraging extra point-of-sale purchases to customers while they are waiting at the counter.

Where can acrylic displays be used?

All kinds of retailers can make good use of the acrylic display case in Australia. The cabinets can be used to attractively present a wide range of products, from ornamental goods to diecast model cars such as hot wheels and figurines. They are particularly well-suited to stores selling smaller goods that are either expensive or fragile. Examples of stores that can make good use of acrylic units include:

  • Cake stores – can create an eye-catching cupcake display case on the counter to wow customers. Cases are also suitable for other foodstuffs such as baguettes or artisan pastries.
  • Gift stores – perfect for showcasing small toys, teddy bears or little trinkets in a visually appealing way.
  • Collectors stores – rarities and limited editions can be safely displayed in an acrylic collectors case.
  • Electronics stores – you can showcase new gadgets and the latest mobile phones and laptops without fear of them getting damaged or stolen in an acrylic display case with lock.
  • Shop counter – display cases look nice as part of a counter display feature if you have enough spare room on your point of sale counter unit. The great advantage of positioning these units close to the tills is that you can show off merchandise at eye level to customers as they queue to make their purchase.
  • Table display unit on the shop floor – this could be as part of a tiered table display in the middle of your outlet or something positioned nearer vacant wall space. If you have enough free display space, you could use multiple acrylic cabinets to create an innovative display area on a larger surface.
  • Window display – great for attracting the attention of passers by if your window space allows it. Perfect for products such as ornamental trinkets or fancy cakes for special occasions. You can combine with small tables or stands to bring goods up to eye level, and even add in some lighting to draw extra attention towards displays.

What are the benefits?

They’re durable – acrylic is a tough material, similar to glass. The cases have a good weight-bearing capacity.

They’re easy to use – in addition to giving retailers peace of mind with the secure locking function, cabinets can be easily wiped down and are very lightweight so can be moved around the store with ease. The lightness of the units also means they are easy to ship when purchasing. Delivering an acrylic display case to Brisbane or Adelaide is much cheaper than shipping a glass cabinet.

They’re attractive – cabinets look great on shop counters while at the same time remaining discreet and fitting in nicely with the surroundings. They offer great potential for stylish presentation to any creative retail workers.

Dust free – most units include hinged doors with minimum gaps when closed to reduce the build-up of dust on the displays.

Benefits such as these mean that more and more stores are choosing to showcase their goods in acrylic display cases in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and beyond.

They’re cost effective – one advantage of acrylic units over glass ones is that they are much cheaper. Acrylic is less costly to produce than glass which means that a saving can be passed onto the customer. Stores can then factor that saving into their profit margins to maximise revenue.

They keep goods safe, secure and fresh – everything is kept behind a locked screen so that customers can’t handle products unless supervised by staff. This will help preserve them. It also helps to protect merchandise from shoplifters. Much theft from retail outlets is down to opportunism. If you display stock in a locked container, it acts as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

They’re versatile – as mentioned, acrylic display units can be placed pretty much anywhere in the store and the movable interior shelving means that you can use them for products of different sizes.

They save on time – you won’t need to spend time every day rearranging items that have been moved around by customers as most browsing will be done by viewing without touching. It also means that staff don’t have to spend so much time constantly monitoring and supervising stock.

Display case sizes and styles

  • 1 Shelf Model – with one removable shelf and hinged door, 200mm (width) x 200mm (depth) x 350mm (height)
  • 2 Shelf Model – with two removanle shelves and sliding doors, 605mm (width) x 333mm (depth) x 400mm (height)
  • 3 Shelf Model – with three removable shelves and hinged door, 255mm(width) x 255mm (depth) x 470mm (height)
  • 4 Shelf Model – with four removable shelves and hinged door, 350mm (width) x 350mm (depth) x 650mm (height)
  • 5 shelf model – with 5 removable shelves and hinged door, 750mm (height) x 350mm (depth) x 350mm (width)

Features of acrylic display cases

These cases have a number of common features that mark them out from other retail display materials. They are made from acrylic glass materials – also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA – which is a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to glass that is beneficial for store use. Acrylics have become a popular alternative to glass when it comes to displaying units as the material is lighter than glass and is much less likely to break if it sharply impacts with something.

Other distinguishing features of these acrylic cases include:

  • Lockable doors (either hinged or sliding) with easy to operate locks, meaning that all goods can be safely and securely displayed within the cases
  • Premium quality thick 4mm acrylic panel design for added security and durability
  • Removable clear acrylic shelves that slide in and out of place, giving added flexibility to display options
  • Portable and lightweight design which means that all display units can be easily transported either around the store or between different locations with a minimum of fuss
  • Flat pack delivery and easy to assemble format

Display units vary in size and style to fit a wide range of retail requirements and individual store dimensions.

What can acrylic cases be used for?

One of the great things about these acrylic display cases is that they are a very effective way of showcasing a large variety of smaller products, some of which may not sit too easily on conventional shelving. The types of products well suited to this kind of display system include:

  • Collectibles – if you have rarities, antiques or limited editions that you want to display in a prominent position, these cases are ideal. Such merchandise could include rare collectible comics, old toys, antique trinkets or newly released movie memorabilia.
  • Valuables – whether this be jewellery, electronic gadgets, expensive ornaments, boutique clothing accessories or something else, these small locked cases mean that you don’t have to worry about products being easily stolen so you won’t need to employ a member of staff to vigilantly monitor goods every opening hour.
  • Fragile goods – this could be anything from delicate glass ornaments to sealed cosmetic products. The trouble with having such items out loose on the shop floor is that they can get easily broken, damaged or shop soiled. Keeping them under lock and key helps to preserve them in pristine condition.
  • Comestibles – artisan food products such as decorative cakes, buns and baked goods look even more delicious when placed inside one of these neat containers. You can set up an eye-catching window display to tempt passers-by who might be strolling past at lunch time.
  • Feature items – are you doing a special promotional run on any small item? Again, acrylic containers can be handy for erecting a creative feature display to draw maximum attention to the products.

Acrylic case prices

Our prices are highly competitive and include affordable shipping across all parts of Australia. Current product prices are:

1 shelf vertical case – $69.95 plus shipping costs

2 shelf horizontal case – $389.50 plus shipping costs

3 shelf vertical case – $129.95 plus shipping costs

4 shelf vertical case – $249.95 plus shipping costs

5 shelf vertical case – $359.95 plus shipping costs

Products are also available to be picked up from our Sydney-based showroom.


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