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Cable Display

Cable display systems are ideal for creating effective displays with minimum fuss that don’t take up much space either as window or wall displays. You will most commonly find cable window display systems in places such as real estate agents, but these displays can also be found making use of signage and shelving inside stores. Cable display shelving systems can either be mounted from floor to ceiling or attached to a wall. They are sturdy and easy to maintain, making them perfect for a wide variety of stores. Displays are available in different styles and sizes and are made from toughened stainless steel 1.5mm cable.

What are cable display systems?

Cable display solutions allow you to display posters or products by fixing acrylic holders or glass shelving to parallel strips of vertical cable wiring. The cables are made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel and can stretch from floor to ceiling. The ends of the cables attach securely to the floor and ceiling and are then tightened so as to keep them in place. Cable clips are then screwed onto the cables and are used to attach the acrylic poster sleeves which are available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes.

You can also use additional cable kits to create a cable glass shelf system, where glass shelves are held in place by the cable clips to create a fetching window or wall cable shelving display. This display system is great for stores that want to save on space or don’t want the hassle of screwing in more permanent wall bracket fixtures. They are also ideal for units that want to benefit from window poster displays, such as estate agents or hairdressing salons.

Types of cable display system

Most of the cable display systems in Australia are available as floor to ceiling systems, meaning that the cable wires stretch all the way from the ceiling to the floor and allow stores to make full use of available space. Some cable wiring is also available as wall attached cable, where attachments are placed at two points on a wall in the store.

The two main types of display cable that we sell are:

  • Premium Image floor to ceiling cable kit – this is 3600mm long and 1.5mm thick cable that comes with aluminium clear anodised swivel clips available in single (30mm long) or double (45mm long) size. The clips accept fittings of between 1mm and 7mm and can be used for shelving and signage displays.
  • Euro Ultra floor to ceiling cable kit – this is 3600mm long and 1.5mm thick cable that comes with satin chrome cable clips which are available in vertical or horizontal design. The clips come in either single or double size, with the horizontal clips slightly larger in size. They both accept fittings of between 1mm and 7mm thickness and can be used for shelving and signage displays.

Where can cable display systems be used?

These display systems can be used to great effect around the store, including:

  • in shop windows, to create an eyecatching information or product display
  • inside the store against prominent wall space, to develop a space-saving showcase

Ideas for cable display systems can be:

  • wire cable signage displays that fill shop windows with key promotional information using acrylic sign holders
  • in-store shelving systems where small glass shelves are held in place by vertical cable wire displays against a store wall

These displays can be used in an assortment of premises including:

  • Real estate agents – cable displays are most commonly used to create real estate window display systems where property information can be placed inside A4 perspex holders. This means that passers by can browse and take down necessary information even outside of store opening hours.
  • Hairdressers – similar systems can be used to create a picture portfolio of popular hairstyles or hair care products that is displayed in the salon window.
  • Clothing boutiques – upmarket stores can install fancy glass shelving cable displays with folded garments attractively showcased either in the store window or against shop walls.
  • Arts and crafts stores – can also utilise glass shelves to display trinkets, pottery, framed pictures and a variety of other products.

Cable display system accessories  

The accessories available for cable display systems include:

  • acrylic poster sleeves – these are available in A2, A3 and A4 size and can be easily fitted with posters, promotional materials and other information to form a window or wall display
  • glass shelves – cable displays can be used together with 5mm and 6mm thick glass shelves in sizes of 400mm, 600mm and 900mm in length. These can be used for artistic displays of light and medium-weight merchandise
  • LED lighting – strip lighting can be used to illuminate window displays at night, enabling the likes of real estate agents to make use of their displays out-of-hours.

Cable display system benefits

Advantages to wire cable systems include:

  • Effective displaying of information – these systems can basically make use of every square inch of your window space, meaning that you can organise columns of A3 or A4 posters neatly displayed inside perspex containers.
  • Space-saving – requiring just two thin stainless steel strips plus attachments, cable displays take up minimum store space regardless of whether you combine them with poster holders or glass shelves.
  • Affordability – if you’re looking for a cost-effective display system in Australia, the cable kits cost anywhere between $3.59 – 24.20 so are cheaper than most shop shelving and display systems.
  • Easy to install and maintain – simply attach to floor and ceiling to install. Wipe cables and attachments once every few days with a damp cloth to remove any build up of dust or grime.

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