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Display Shelving

Our tiered retail display tables can add a touch of elegance to any retail store environment. Built with 3 tiered shelves, they can be used to create a great centerpiece to showcase your prime or best selling retail products. This display shelving can be placed anywhere on the shop floor and are suitable for a diverse range of products. Available in a range of fetching designs, shop display tables are an effective use of space in both small stores and large department outlets.

What are the retail display tables?

Shop display tables are small, mobile, tiered tables manufactured from timber melamine and coated with a finish. These tables have three tiers, or layers, giving stores the opportunity to get creative and decorative with their displays. This display table shelving has what is known as a “christmas tree” design, meaning that the layers get smaller in size the higher up they get. 3 tier display tables are popular in a variety of store environments due to their attractive design and the fact that they make good use of store space. They allow 360-degree displays where customers can view products on show from all angles as there is no front or back to the display.

Displays are solid and easy to use. They are available with castors to make the units more mobile and can be fitted with framed signage stands that are ideal for adding visibility to products as well as providing key information. These display tables come in a range of designs and are available in an assortment of colours to suit individual store décor. Units are supplied in an easy DIY kit form for economic shipping anywhere in Australia.

Different types of display table

Our display tables for sale include:

  • Square display tables – with 3 tiered 18mm thick square tables spaced 400mm apart from each other. Table sizes are 500mm x 500mm, 880mm x 880mm and 1180mm x 1180mm. Tables come with rounded corners for safety purposes and are available in white or charcoal melamine. Spacers are available in both square and rounded format in a range of colours. Priced at $389 – $499 plus shipping costs.
  • Round display tables – with 3 tiered 18mm thick circular tables spaced 400mm apart from each other. Table sizes are 500mm, 880mm and 1180mm in diameter. Fitted with square spacers and available in either white or charcoal melamine. Priced at $389.50 – $445.95 plus shipping costs.
  • Rectangle display tables – with 3 tiered 18mm thick rectangular tables spaced 400mm apart from each other. Table sizes are 1300mm x 450mm, 1500mm x 850mm and 1500mm x 1050mm. Available in white, charcoal and brushed silver melamine. Priced at $299 – $353 plus shipping costs.

Where display tables can be used

This display shelving is highly versatile and can be used in many different types of stores for retail display uses, including:

  • Cosmetics stores or department stores – great for arranging expensive or branded perfumes, soaps and other cosmetics in an eye-catching fashion.
  • Footwear stores – can be used to effectively display lines of sneakers, smart shoes, fashion footwear or even children’s shoes.
  • Clothing stores – upmarket clothing stores, designer boutiques and independent stores that are looking for a good shelving system for folded clothing can utilise these tiered shelf displays.
  • Sports stores – retail display shelves are ideal for sports clothing, equipment and accessories, from football to golf to badminton.
  • Cake stores – artisan bakery products look extremely appetising when arranged on these display table shelving systems.
  • Arts and crafts stores – can make use of these display tables to showcase a wide array of merchandise including figurines, decorative glassware, paint sets and gift picture frames.
  • Discount stores – the 360 degree display capacity makes these units ideally suited for clearance and seasonal lines, where tables can be placed close to store entrances or in vantage points on the shop floor.
  • Toy stores – tables are perfect for arranging seasonal displays of the best selling toys and games to entice family purchases at Christmas time. 

Benefits of display tables

There are a number of advantages to using tiered table store displays and they have many great attributes, including:

  • Attractiveness – the tables are elegantly designed and the pretty Christmas tree style lends itself to creativity when it comes to planning the layout of products. For example, you can colour synchronise the three different tiers or have smaller goods on the lower shelves. The polished melamine finish gives the units a touch of chic too.
  • Sturdiness – units are well put together and the tables are thick and scratch resistant. Because of the smaller size of the higher shelves, units are also bottom heavy so they won’t be prone to toppling over or being easily disturbed.
  • Practicality – the 360 degree design means that there is no wasted space and also maximises the number of browsers who can peruse goods at any one time. The castor option makes units extra mobile and easily moved around the store if you want to rearrange displays at any point.
  • Ease of use – you just place items on the table for display, no additional accessories needed. Units come in DIY kit form so they are easy to assemble and are also easy to keep clean, requiring just a wipe down with a damp cloth every few days.
  • Versatility – display tables fit into pretty much any retail environment and can be used for a wide range of merchandise, great for stores that sell a variety of products as they can be used to sell different items at different times.

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