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Slat Mesh Panels And Accessories

Choose slat grid mesh panels for wall mounted displays and from a huge range of fittings to suit.

Lightweight, smart and easy to use in any retail environment, slat mesh panels and accompanying accessories are a versatile modern shop fitting solution that can display an assortment of retail products. The mesh panels are available in different heights, styles and colours. Fix to the wall or have as a free-standing gondola display system. The panels are easy to set up and take down so are idea for pop up stores and market stores as well as standard retail displays. Mesh accessories come in an array of metal and acrylic fittings that clip on and off of the units, giving retailers many convenient options when it comes to configuring their displays.

What are metal slat grid mesh panels?

Slat grid mesh panel systems are an alternative to slat wall and peg board systems. The panels, which come in various different dimensions, consist of intersecting metal wires that form a grid system onto which a range of shelving and accessories can fit. Grid mesh panels are a lightweight and affordable shop display solution. The panels easily fold down and fit into most vehicles, which makes them ideal for mobile and temporary retail displays. The systems are highly durable, with the 6mm thick wire capable of holding medium-weight loads without any damage.

Slat mesh panels can be used in the following ways:

  • As a wall display by fitting the panels directly onto walls, including slatwall fittings;
  • Fitted with legs that screw into place to convert the panels into free-standing units that can be placed anywhere in the retail outlet or discreetly at a pop-up event without taking up too much space;
  • Fitted together using metal joining clips and placed on a triangle base to create a three-sided browsing unit;
  • Fitted together and placed on a 4-way grid mesh base to offer extra display space.

The panels are very easy to maintain and, as they are compatible with many different accessories, can be put to highly flexible use, selling clothing accessories by hangsell one minute and footwear on individual plastic stands the next.

What are slat mesh accessories?

The mesh panels look great on their own but they need the wide range of accessories to truly bring them alive. The mesh accessories for sale, which range from small acrylic shelves to metal hang display accessories, attach to the panels to create a one piece multi-purpose retail display stand system. Accessories can be loosely broken down into four groups:

  • Metal accessories – these include shelving brackets and hang display accessories that clip onto the grid mesh systems using C-shaped back plates and offer a diverse array of display options for all types of retailer.
  • Wire accessories – shelving and baskets that clip on using C-shaped back plates to display stacked, stood or loosely displayed items.
  • Acrylic accessories – including an assortment of shelving, stands, containers and holders that can be adapted and used with mesh panel displays.
  • Joining accessories – accessories such as clips and brackets that play a technical role, holding accessories in place or attaching panels to one another.

Types of slat mesh products for sale

We have a large assortment of mesh products for sale, including the following:

Slat mesh panels

  • Panels have a slot spacing of 75mm and are available in two different widths (600mm and 900mm) as well as different heights starting at 1550mm.

Metal accessories

  • Metal shelving brackets – straight metal brackets that can support melamine or glass shelving. Brackets are available in various sizes ranging from 150mm to 450mm in length, in a choice of black, white or silver colour and either as a flat bracket or with a hook to prevent shelving slippage.
  • Hooks and prongs – highly useful for the purpose of hangsell displays. These accessories come in various sizes and designs and can hold products including handbags, clothing accessories, jewellery, packeted goods and packaged products. Also available as flipper scan hooks, with a space to display product price or information.
  • Hangrail tubing – 600mm x 300mm tubing combination set that fits together to provide a side hanging display accessory for clothing products such as tops and trousers.
  • Faceouts – straight display arms that are similar to hooks and prongs but thicker and longer. Used for front-facing hangsell clothing displays. Available in different sizes and in square and rectangular models, with either front balls or lips to prevent clothing slippage.
  • Waterfalls – angled clothing display arms fitted with balls or pins so that clothing can be spaced out evenly and displayed at staggered heights. Available in different sizes and in 6-pin, 7-pin and 9-pin models.
  • Picture hooks – short metal hooks which can be used for the hangsell display of picture frames, clocks, mirrors or plaques.
  • Ring hat brackets – hooks fitted with a raised ring at the end for the purpose of displaying rimmed hats.
  • Ball display brackets – hooks curled round in a 150mm diameter for the display of sports balls including footballs, basketballs and rugby balls.

Wire accessories

  • Wire shelves – fitted with a front lip and available as flat shelves or angled for displaying magazines and newspapers.
  • Wire baskets – perfect for displaying loose or packaged items, such as stationery or hardware accessories. Available in two sizes.

Acrylic accessories

  • Flat shelves – available as small flat shelves or heavy duty shelves with in-built hinged brackets to accommodate loads of up to 15kg. Heavy duty shelves also available with 35mm front lip to prevent slippage.
  • Angled shelves – for the display of books, magazines, newspapers and other flatter products. Available in 30-degree and 60-degree models.
  • Shoe shelves – angled shelves designed to display individual items of footwear. Available for left hand and right hand display.
  • Mobile phone or iPad stands – angled stands for front-facing display of mobile phones, iPads and other electronic products.
  • Acrylic bins – for the display of smaller, loose goods including stationery products or confectionery. Available as single bins or with 2, 3 or 8 compartments. Can also be fitted with acrylic lids.
  • Greetings card holders – available in 3-tier and 4-tier models. Suitable for cards as well as products such as CDs and DVDs.
  • Sign holders – for displaying A4 information or marketing materials.

Joining accessories

  • Grid mesh legs – single or double-sided legs that can convert slat mesh panels into mobile free-standing units.
  • Joining clips – small metal clips with screws that are used for joining panels together to make a larger display system such as a triangle or 4-way system.
  • Mounting brackets – for mounting panels directly onto walls to create a fixed display system.
  • Shelf bracket clips – plastic or metal clips that can be used to secure glass or melamine shelving in place.

Where slat mesh systems can be used

Slat mesh systems fit perfectly into any retail environment, from the market square to the high street. Here is a small selection of places that can benefit from mesh panel display stands:

  • Market stalls – because grid mesh systems are lightweight, easy to use, easy to assemble and don’t take up too much room, they are ideal for market stalls that need to set up and pack down on a daily basis and need a display system that can showcase a wide array and large quantity of goods in a tight space.
  • Exhibition stands and pop-up stalls – for much the same reasons, temporary display spaces such as exhibitions and pop-up retailers can use gondola units and triangular display stands to maximise their display space with merchandise and information.
  • Clothing stores – grid mesh units and accessories can be used to sell pretty much any clothing item, from bags and accessories on hooks, to tops, trousers and dresses on hangrails, faceouts or waterfalls, to footwear on acrylic shoe stands.
  • Newsagents – can make use of the hangsell accessories to sell stationery and packeted goods as well as using angled shelves for newspaper and magazine displays, and acrylic containers for loose stationery and confectionery.
  • Chemists – like newsagents, chemists sell a wide assortment of products that can be displayed in different ways, including packaged and packeted goods which can be effectively displayed on hooks and prongs.
  • Electronic stores – these units are particularly effective for sellers of mobile phones and electronic gadgets in market places or small kiosks, where hangsell displays of accessories can sit next to products showcased on acrylic stands.
  • Discount stores – grid mesh units are a cheaper alternative to slat wall or pegboard systems while still offering flexibility and a good load-bearing capacity. This makes them great for discount stores that may have plenty of merchandise that needs to be placed on hangsell or in dump bins and baskets while not taking up too much browsing space at the same time.

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