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Hammertone Slatwall Gondola Shelving

Hammertone gondola shelving units are proving popular with a variety of retail stores due to their attractive appearance and the multiple display options they give to retailers. These display fixtures have a lacquered hammertone finish and are sturdy in design, meaning that they are an investment that lasts a long time. Hammertone slatwall units are available in an assortment of styles and sizes that are suitable for displays of anything from sports clothing to hardware accessories. The units are provided in an easy to assemble format and can be used with a range of accessories, making them ideal for fast-paced stores who need to regularly change their displays.

What is hammertone shelving?

Hammertone gondola shelving is a type of modern display shelving that is free-standing, enabling it to be positioned anywhere in the store. The shelving units are fitted with slatwall panels, although they are also available in pegboard design too. The slatwall designs consist of 100mm slat panels separated by grooves into which a range of accessories such as hooks, prongs and acrylic stands can be slotted. Panels are between 18mm and 30mm in thickness for superior sturdiness and the units are also fitted with shelving bracket strips on either side so that standard shelving can be applied using conventional shelving brackets. All accessories and brackets slide easily in and out of the slots and grooves without the need for drills, screwdrivers or complicated assembly procedures.

All hammertone shop shelving has been applied with a hammertone powder coated finish using tip quality hammertone paint. This special paint gives an attractive lacquered finish that is similar in appearance to hammered metal. Hammertone paint consists of tint mica particles which are durable, reflective, insulating and hydrophilic so it’s a type of paint ideally suited for shop fittings and fixtures.

Hammertone slatwall gondola units are particularly notable for their strong load bearing capacity. This means that they are suitable for displaying larger, heavier goods or bigger quantities of smaller goods. Great news for stores with high turnover of smaller items of stock, such as discount stores or hardware stores, as well as the likes of sports stores that can effectively display bulkier sporting equipment.

Features of hammertone slatwall shelving  

  • heavy duty structure comprising of components ranging from 1.8mm to 3mm in thickness
  • robust powder coating surface designed to give hammered metal appearance
  • flat slatwall panels with evenly spaced horizontal grooves at 100mm each apart
  • optional kickboard base to streamline the appearance
  • compact design that offers greater flexibility and saves in cost
  • compatible with add on units if you want to extend your displays

Types of hammertone shelving

Our main types of hammertone retail shelving are:

  • single sided hammertone slatwall shelving – units with display features on one side, suitable for wall or window displays. Available in heights of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm.
  • double sided hammertone slatwall shelving – units with both sides suitable for displays, meaning that they can be placed in shop aisles. Also available in heights of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm.
  • narrow base hammertone slatwall shelving – these units are available in the same size dimensions as standard units apart from their narrower base which is 300mm rather than 450mm. This is more suitable for smaller display spaces as it frees up extra aisle space.
  • hammertone slatwall gondola ends – these end shelving bay panels fit onto the end of standard units at 90 degree angles to offer extra display face. Available in widths of 930mm for standard units and 630mm for narrow base units.

We also supply a range of double sided and single sided hammertone pegboard shelving with panels consisting of 6mm diameter perforated holes spaced 25mm apart rather than horizontal slat panels.

Where can hammertone shelving be used?

Hammertone slatwall shelving can be used in all kinds of stores. Here are a few good examples:

  • Pharmacies – can display medicines and bottled/canned hygiene and health products via traditional shelving fixed via the end brackets, while smaller packaged and packeted goods e.g. cotton wool, plasters and bandages can be displayed using metal hangsell accessories.
  • Sports stores – you can display a variety of smaller sporting accessories or even equipment such as tennis rackets or cricket bats via hangsell accessories, use waterfalls, faceouts or clothing rails to display sports jerseys or specialist metal ball holders for the display of footballs, basketballs or rugby balls.
  • Automotive stores – the hammered metal finish is well-suited to the automotive environment and these slatwall units can be used to sell a wide range of packaged car parts or even larger items using standard shelving or hangsell hooks.
  • Clothing stores – can make use of faceouts and waterfalls for effective garment displays, while hooks and prongs can be used for hangsell displays of a variety of accessories from handbags to ties.
  • Electronics stores – in addition to utilising hangsell displays for smaller accessories, these stores can purchase specialized acrylic stands designed for laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Hardware stores – the neat hammertone design looks great in hardware stores. The heavy load bearing capacity of slatwall units makes them suitable for the display of DIY tools using hangsell hooks or specialist stands. Smaller items such as packets of accessories can be displayed using metal hooks and prongs.
  • Newsagents – can utilise angled magazine racks and and acrylic shelving to display daily newpapers and regular publications in a more browser-friendly fashion, while stationery products can be sold using hangsell hooks or dump bins.
  • Shoe stores – can create effective display walls using tailored acrylic shoe stands to display individual shoes and trainers.

Accessories that can be used with hammertone slatwall shelving

These shelving displays can be fitted with most modern accessories to turn them into multi-purpose display systems. Compatible accessories include:

  • Metal shelving – these 600mm and 900mm-wide flat front shelves can be attached via the end bracket strips that are available in depths of 300mm, 400mm and 450mm
  • Metal hooks and prongs – these come in various styles and sizes and can be inserted into the slatwall grooves to create effective hangsell displays for an assortment of products.
  • Metal clothing accessories – these include faceouts, waterfalls, clothing rails as well as specialist metal hat stands.
  • Metal gondola wire baskets – great for displaying loose, awkwardly shaped smaller items in an easily accessible way.
  • Metal gondola wire stands – these angled stands can be used for newspapers, magazines and brochures.
  • Metal gondola sign holders – attach to the end of the units to display signs for anything from product price to store information.
  • Wire fronts and dividers – fronts available to suit both 600mm and 900mm shelves with corresponding side dividers available for all three shelving depths. These front fences and dividers can be placed on 30 degree angled shelves to give added visibility compared to standard flat shelves.
  • Acrylic shelving and stands – available as standard small shelving suitable for arts and crafts goods or as tailored angled shelving used to display electronic goods or footwear.
  • Data strips – for displaying product information or price and inserted at the base of the unit or on individual shelves.

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