Glass Showcases Counters

If your store stocks rare or valuable merchandise that requires secure storage, or you simply want to create a showpiece display at your shop counter, the glass shop display unit is a perfect fitting. Glass showcases come in a variety of different styles, from point-of-sale counter displays to trophy cabinets for sale, and can be used in all types of retail establishment to create a visually stunning focal point for customers.

What are glass showcase counters?

The glass counter is a shop display counter that can be used to safely and securely showcase products against a lit backdrop behind a screen, making it very useful to display valuable, rare or fragile merchandise. Cabinets are usually kept locked, meaning that goods cannot be handled without staff supervision. There are many different types of unit, including glass retail shop counters that double up as point-of-sale areas, display cabinets that can be placed in a focal point on the shop floor, and acrylic display cases which can sit on the shop counter.

Where can glass counters be used?

These units can brighten up any store type but are particularly well-suited to the kind of retailers that sell valuables or rarities. Many stores opt for eye-catching counter displays as these are great for advertising goods to shoppers while they wait in the queue to get served. Examples of stores than can benefit from glass cabinets include:

  • Jewellery stores – perfect for keeping expensive jewellery well-organised and attractively arranged. Jewellery stores will often use a variety of different showcase units throughout the store.
  • Collectors stores – if you sell rarities or limited editions, you can keep them in pristine and prevent them from getting shop-soiled by having them under lock and key. Great for items such as models, comics, rare books or antiques.
  • Electronics stores – useful for keeping the latest mobile phones, laptops, iPads and tech gadgets safely displayed and effectively showcased.
  • Bakery stores – artisan cakes and other delicacies look great behind a glass display on the shop floor or acrylic case mounted on the counter.

What are the benefits of glass counters?

They look great – with the internal lighting bringing the products on show to life, these units are a showpiece for any store and offer great potential for creative presentation.

They’re practical – as these models keep products safely showcased, you don’t have to worry about deploying other shop staff or security to keep a watchful eye over everything. You will also save a lot of time having to tidy up displays that have been disturbed or rearranged by browsers.

They’re durable – cabinets are made from toughened glass or strengthened acrylic so are resistant to shattering or scratching. They also encourage careful browsing as shoppers usually perceive these units to be more fragile than they are.

Types of display counter available

  • Point-of-sale counter units – these are available as full view, combination and corner counter models. Great for encouraging that extra retail shop counter sale.
  • Tower cabinets – perfect for extending retail space upwards and showcasing goods at eye level. Available up to four levels high.
  • Frameless cabinets – for extra viewability, allowing shoppers to browse from all angles. Semi-frameless cabinets also available.
  • Mirror-back units – enabling you to add another layer of lighting and make the displays look more spacious than they actually are.
  • Glass cubes – for that ultra-modern look. Available as single cubes up to 6-level towers or 12-cube mega units.
  • Acrylic cases – a lighter and even more durable alternative to glass.

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