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Frameless And Semi Frameless Display Shop Counters

Frameless display shop counters are perfect for displaying valuable, rare or eye-catching items of stock in one of the most prominent places in your store. These beautifully designed cases are available in a range of designs and come with sturdy locks to protect merchandise stored within. Units come in both fully frameless and semi frameless display shop counters that are great for showing off prime stock to customers as they queue at the till. These products are extremely durable, made from toughened safety glass and with a solid melamine finished MDF base. Compatible with an array of accessories such as LED lighting, our range of glass display counters can help stores make the best of their display areas and maximise revenue.

What are frameless shop display counters?

Semi frameless and frameless glass display cases are counter display systems that operate as a point-of-sale area while doubling up as a product display unit. These systems are constructed from toughened display glass rather than wood or other shop counter design materials. This means that store counters can be fitted with shelving so that they operate as full display areas.

The frameless glass display counter cabinets are distinctive as they have no aluminium or wooden frame. They are made purely from molded glass mounted on a melamine plinth. The panes of glass are held together by steel connectors, which makes the units both lighter and better in terms of visibility.

These shop display cabinets are fitted with clear glass adjustable shelves with either hinged or sliding lockable doors protecting the products displayed inside. Units can be fitted with various accessories such as mirrors and lights, which amplifies the visibility of the stock inside and makes it more visible to customers. 

Features of these shop display counters include:

  • 5mm or 6mm toughened safety glass design
  • adjustable shelving
  • sliding or hinged glass doors with safety lock
  • melamine finished MDF base
  • optional LED lighting
  • aluminium and steel panel and shelving connectors and door tracks
  • mirror back panels to amplify light and appearance of space
  • easy to assemble DIY kit form

Types of glass display counter

Frameless shop display counters

These retail store display counters are made entirely from glass display panels mounted on a 100mm high melamine base, with no frame structure at all. Panels are fitted together via steel connectors, and further connectors are fitted to keep internal shelving in place and operate the doors. Units are available in five different width sizes (900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm) x 450mm depth x 965mm height.

Semi frameless shop display counters

 These display shop fittings are available in the same dimensions as the fully frameless models, the main difference being that the units are usually fitted with solid side and back panels made from materials such as MDF. Only the front and top of the counter displays are glass. This may suit stores that want to retain more of a traditional shop counter display look while still maximising point-of-sale retail space.

Where can you find frameless display counters? 

These retail counter display cases can be found in a wide assortment of stores, from large chain stores to small independent retailers. There are many examples of the types of stores that can make good use of these kinds of shop front counters. They include:

  • Antiques stores – can safely and securely display rare and fragile products of great value, such as ornaments, old toys and antique books.
  • Arts and crafts stores – can showcase a fine supply of crafted products such as figurines, ceramics and glassware.
  • Clothing stores – fashion boutiques can use counter store displays to show off expensive and exclusive accessories and jewellery items.
  • Electronics stores – can line up a range of the latest mobile phones, tablets, PCs and gadgets for browsing as customers queue for purchases.
  • Gift stores – expensive gift sets such as bone china tea sets can be creatively displayed.
  • Bakery stores – artisan cakes and baked goods can be illuminated to great effect using accessory lighting in a counter display.
  • Jewellery stores – these units are great for products such as watches, necklaces, rings or brooches.

Benefits of frameless display counters

These neat glass counter showcases offer a number of benefits, including:

Visual appeal – the counter units are great for drawing attention towards the focal point of the store, the point-of-sale area. They allow stores to arrange products in an eye-catching fashion that attracts browsing and additional sales from those queueing to make a purchase. Accessories such as LED lighting add to the visual appeal of the units. 

Ease of use – products are supplied in DIY kit form with easy to assemble instructions. Shelves are easy to adjust, locks are simple to operate and the glass surfaces are easily cleaned with a regular wipe down with a damp cloth. 

Durability – the 5mm and 6mm toughened safety glass is shatter and scratch resistant so can withstand everyday impacts from customers. Units can last many years if properly looked after.

Secure display of products – as units are locked, you can display all kinds of merchandise without having to worry about goods getting stolen, damaged or shop-soiled. Because only staff can handle goods, it also saves time on having to tidy up displays at the end of the day.

Space saving – the frameless and semi-frameless design offers increased visibility of products. Every inch of internal space can be put to good use and items can be viewed from multiple angles without frames obstructing the vision, meaning maximised browsing.

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