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Hammertone Plain Metal Back Shelving

Hammertone shelving is a modern type of retail shelving that is great for a wide variety of retail stores due to its multi-purpose flexibility, neat design and sturdy durability. This plain metal back shelving has a lacquered hammertone finish which gives it a distinct look as well as providing a protective coating. Hammertone shelving can improve any kind of outlet immensely, giving you the opportunity to display products big and small is a number of different ways. What’s more, it’s easy to assemble and maintain and the gondola units can be placed anywhere in the store!

What is hammertone metal back shelving?

Hammertone shelving is a unique type of shop shelving that has been given a special hammertone powder coated finish using premium standard paint. This paint applies a smart lacquered finish to products that gives them a distinctive hammered metal appearance. Hammertone paint is made up of microscopic mica particles which are notable for being highly durable, reflective and insulating as well as mixing well with water. It is ideal for shop fittings as it has a cool, contemporary appearance as well as lasting well over time.

The metal back panels can be fitted with standard shelves as well as an assortment of accessories. Units have a strong load-bearing capacity suitable for both large and small items. This makes them highly multi-purpose and perfect for stores with diverse product ranges and a fast turnover.

Some of the key features of hammertone metal back shelving include:

  • Robust structure with extra-thick components made from durable materials
  • Attractive and highly resistant powder coating surface offering hammered metal appearance
  • Available in a variety of free-standing slatwall and gondola designs
  • Easy to assemble, maintain, move around and keep clean
  • Can be fitted with additional end and side units if you want to create a feature display

Types of shelving available

Hammertone metal back shelving comes in different sizes and styles of gondola shelving unit, which is a free-standing form of store shelving that can be placed anywhere on the shop floor. Units are either single-sided which can be positioned up against walls, or double-sided for use in shop aisles or feature areas in any area of the store. They are also available with a special narrow base ideal for stores with limited floor space, and as slimmer end units that can fit at 90 degrees at either end of standard units.

The two main styles of hammertone gondola unit are:

  • Slatwall units, consisting of 100mm horizontal slat panels separated by grooves into which a variety of accessories slide into place.
  • Pegboard units, with panels consisting of multiple rows of tiny holes that accommodate a range of accessories. Pegboard shelving comes in both flat and sunk-in volcano design.

We also supply hammertone finish shelves that can be purchased separately and fit onto the gondola units via end brackets. These shelves are available as:

  • Flat front shelves – 32mm-high steel shelves that come in widths of 600mm or 900mm and depths of 300mm, 400mm and 450mm
  • Wire front fences with dividers – 120mm-high front fences that fit onto the front of sloped steel shelves, with additional wire dividers so that you can display and clearly segregate an array of accessories

Accessories that you can use with hammertone shelving

Slatwall and pegboard units are compatible with a range of shelving accessories, including:

  • Metal hooks and prongs for hangsell
  • Metal waterfalls and faceouts for clothing displays
  • Wire baskets
  • Acrylic stands and containers
  • Standard shelving fitted with data strips containing product and pricing information

Where can hammertone shelving be used?

Hammertone shelving is suitable for all kinds of store and can brighten up any retail environment. It is particularly well-suited to:

  • Hardware stores – the powder coated sleek metal finish is perfectly suited to hardware stores. The heavy load bearing capacity of units means that you can display larger DIY tools, while smaller and loose items such as plugs or packets of screws can go on metal hooks for hangsell or sit in sloped shelves with front fences.
  • Clothing stores – the dark metallic colours look great in urban outlets or specialist stores such as skate clothing stores, where faceouts and waterfall hangsell accessories can be used to great effect.
  • Sports stores – the flexibility of these units makes them great for displaying anything from tennis rackets to basketballs to running shoes using a combination of metal hangsell, steel shelving and acrylic stand accessories.
  • Chemists – can make use of wire baskets and front dividers for loose health and hygiene, while bottled medicines and deodorants can be stacked on standard shelves and smaller packeted goods can be positioned on metal hooks and prongs.
  • Newsagents and stationers – the sturdiness of the hammertone design and the flebility offered makes them great for these retail environments that have a fast turnover of a wide variety of items and need to remain highly organised.
  • Garages and automotive stores – the hammered metal appearance of these racks is perfectly suited to the automotive environment, while the hangsell and wire bin options are fantastic for the multitude of spare auto parts that need to be neatly displayed.

Benefits of hammertone back metal shelving

The main advantages of using hammertone shelving over other types of shelving in your store are:

  • It lasts longer – the powder coating makes the metal racks extra durable to daily wear and tear as well as giving it more resistance to scuffs and scratches. This is what makes it a great investment if you want something that will last years and years.
  • It looks better – the shiny and reflective quality of the dark painted finish brightens up the store and gives it the edge over standard metal units.
  • It’s highly practical and versatile – hammertone shelving is suitable for loads of various weights and sizes, plus the slatwall and pegboard designs can accommodate a wealth of display accessories.
  • It’s easy to maintain – all you have to do is wipe down with a warm, damp cloth every few days and you won’t have to worry about tiresome permanent blemishes.

Shopfittings Direct supplies all modern shop shelving and accessories including an exclusive range of hammertone display units. Call us on 02 9608 5122, email or visit our showroom in Sydney.

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