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Wall Stripping

Wall stripping is the perfect heavy duty wall display system that is suitable for a wide range of retail, wholesale and domestic display and storage purposes. Our wall strip display systems are simple to adjust and configure to your display or storage needs. Compatible with shelving brackets as well as a number of retail display accessories, wall strip shelving fits nicely into environments ranging from boutique clothing stores to home garage units. Easy to apply to all sturdy and secure wall surfaces, this multi-purpose stripping will allow you to organise an assortment of products or possessions in a user-friendly fashion in no time at all.

What is wall stripping?

Wall strip shelving systems are simple display and storage systems that involve thin strips of metal being attached vertically to walls. These strips can be used individually with accessories to arrange front-facing hang displays or in formations of two or more parallel strips for conventional shelving or hangrail tube displays. Each metal wall strip contains slots all the way down the strip into which shelving brackets and accessories slide easily into place. Strips can be single slot or double slot, the advantage of double slot strips being that they can accommodate two brackets. This means that they can be lined up along a wall to hold rows of shelving. Strips are available in a variety of different sizes and styles.

Each strip needs to be drilled into place on a solid, secure wall. The stripping is fitted with pre-drilled holes into which the screws are fitted. Fitting the strips is a simple, quick and straightforward process. You simply line each strip up against the wall (making sure that it is level at a 90-degree angle, unless you want a slanted design!), then drill the screws into the wall using the pre-drilled holes. Be sure to check that the wall is secure and solid enough to hold the display system in place, as well as making sure that you don’t drill through any piping or electric cables. If you are unsure about attaching the strips yourself, ask a professional or shop fittings expert to do this for you.

Types of wall stripping available

Stripping can generally be broken down into two different types:

Single slot wall strips – these are strips with a succession of single 40mm slots into which shelving brackets and accessories can be fitted. Single slot wall strips can be used for front-facing hang displays for products such as clothing, or they can be lined up parallel to each other and fitted with shelving brackets or clothing hang rails. Strips are 19.3mm (width) x 13mm (depth) and are available in lengths ranging from 1500mm to 2400mm.

Double slot wall strips – these strips have a series of double parallel 40mm slots which can hold shelving brackets and hang rail fittings. Double slot strips are designed to be used alongside additional parallel strips, usually as middle strips in a wall strip display system as an alternative to placing two single slot strips side-by-side up against each other. Strips are 33mm (width) x 13mm (depth) and are available in various lengths from 1500mm to 2400mm.

Both single slot and double slot strips are available in chrome silver or white coating.

Accessories that can be used with wall stripping

These strip systems can be fitted with a number of different metal accessories that allow users to create flexible shelving and hang display systems suitable for shops, stock rooms, warehouse storage and home storage. Wall stripping accessories include:

  • Wall shelving brackets – these straight metal brackets slip in and out of the slots to give users a flexible shelving option. Brackets can be used for shelving of all types of materials. They are made from 2mm thick high tensile steel for added strength and are available in different sizes to suit shelf requirements.
  • Shelving – standard individual shelving can be used in conjunction with the shelving brackets, including glass shelving and wood melamine shelving.
  • Pitch metal display shelves – extra sturdy steel shelving that comes with pre-fitted brackets. These shelves are specially designed for wall stripping and come in a variety of sizes and in two different thicknesses
  • Hang rails – these metal accessory attachments easily slide in and out of the stripping slots to create a side hangsell display option for clothing retailers. Hang rails are available as a single piece model or as a set consisting of brackets and a hang rail tube. Both designs available in different sizes.
  • Crossbars – metal steel bars that fit into the strip slots and can be used with waterfalls and faceouts to create varied clothing displays on shop floors and in store rooms. Available in different lengths from 600mm to 1200mm.
  • Faceouts and waterfalls – these metal clothing and garment accessories can be attached to crossbars to offer different hangsell solutions. Faceouts are 300mm long flat metal tubes and waterfalls are 400mm long tubes with pin attachments for more even, organised spacing of garments.
  • Shelving bracket clips – small clips available in plastic (IPC) and metal (IDC) that attach to brackets and offer stabilisation to glass and timber shelves.

Where can wall stripping be used?

Wall stripping systems can be applied in a number of different settings, both commercial and residential. Here are some of the places where this type of shelving can be put to good use:

  • Clothing stores – retail establishments selling clothing and garments can utilise wall stripping in a variety of different ways, including using hang rails, faceouts and waterfalls to display tops, t-shirts, blouses, shirts, coats, dresses and trousers. Standard shelving can also be used to display footwear or folded garments.
  • Hardware stores – the minimalist, straightforward design of wall strip systems suits the hardware store environment. Products including tools, building materials, houseware products and garden utensils can be stacked neatly on rows of strip shelving in a way that maximises store space.
  • Sports stores – similar to clothing shops, sports retailers can hang a range of sporting outfits and garments using rails, waterfalls and faceouts while at the same time arranging creative equipment displays on the standard shelving.
  • Designer arts stores – boutique stores aiming for a minimalist look can use stripping to strategically place well spaced shelves throughout the store, giving each product plenty of space to stand out individually. Spot lighting can also be creatively used to add extra focus to products.
  • Retail and wholesale stock rooms – this shelving system is great for the back room as well as the shop floor. The stripping is affordable and doesn’t take up much space, so can be liberally used even in tight storage spaces to keep reserve stock well organised, from hung garments to books or boxed products stacked on shelves.
  • Home storage units – do you have a garage or storage room that is getting out of control? A few strips and a handful of shelves or rails is all you need to get things off the floor or desktop units and stored in a well-organised and easy-to-find fashion.

Benefits of wall stripping

Wall stripping is one of the most effective shelving solutions on the market, the preferred choice of many. Its numerous advantages include:

  • Space maximisation – strip systems effectively mean that you are attaching shelving or hang display accessories straight onto wall surfaces, eliminating the need for any additional shelving system or display unit. This give you extra space in your store or in the stock room, meaning more browsing space for customers and additional space for reserve stock out the back.
  • Flexibility – the multiple slot perforations allow you to stack row upon row of shelving on top of each other or opt for a more spaced out layout, while the numerous hang display accessories offer plenty of options for an array of merchandise. If you want to change things around, all you have to do is slide the brackets out of place and adjust.
  • Affordability – with all stripping products and accessories priced under $20, this is a shelving solution that can be used by stores on a budget and multi-million dollar retailers alike.
  • Organisational capacity – the strip systems are easy to use and can turn messy stock room floors or home work stations into well organised and efficient areas in no time at all.

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