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Direct Wall Mounting Store Fixtures And Brackets

Easy to set up and multi purpose, direct wall mount brackets are the versatile store fixtures that can give your retail outlet a variety of shelving and hang display options. These fittings, which include wall brackets and hangrails, can be attached to any solid wall surface on the shop floor or in the store room. The metal brackets are affordable and durable and fit neatly into any retail environment, no matter what you are selling. Whether you are a clothing store searching for a diverse range of hangsell options or a second hand book store looking to install multiple rows of shelving, these brackets will provide a perfect solution for you.

What are direct wall mount brackets?

Direct wall mount brackets are metal shop fittings accessories that attach directly to shop walls rather than separate panels or free-standing units. They can be used to display a wide assortment of merchandise either on traditional shelving or in different hangsell styles. These sturdy wall fixtures are made from polished chrome metal, giving stores a clean and fresh appearance. Like many shop fittings and shelving accessories, the wall mount brackets come in a range of sizes and styles to suit all kinds of retail purposes – from standard shelving brackets to angled waterfall brackets.

Wall mount brackets are an alternative to sliding brackets which are used with systems such as slat wall or slat grid mesh. They are a perfect affordable solution if you don’t have such systems or units on your premises, or don’t have room for them, and want to opt for something more direct and straightforward. These brackets attach to shop display or store room walls without the need for any additional fittings. They all come fitted with a metal back plate consisting of four small holes. Simply insert screws into the holes and fasten to the wall. Direct wall mount metal accessories and shelf brackets suit Australia-based stores looking for a stable and long-lasting shop fittings option that won’t require constant alteration or relocation.

Different types of direct wall mount brackets

Brackets are available in an array of different styles and sizes that can be used in stores from small family-run outlets to high end boutique chains. They can be bought individually, or bulk order discounts can be arranged. You can order all shelf brackets online, with delivery option included for a small postage fee. Bracket types available include:

  • Wall mounted shelf brackets – standard shelf brackets that can be fitted with glass or wood melamine shelves to display goods ranging from books to ceramics. The shelf brackets can be used with additional IDC clips to help secure the shelves in place. Fitted with secure mounting plate and available in sizes of 250mm and 300mm length.
  • Wall mounted ring bracket and hangrails – this combination set features two ring brackets that are mounted to the wall, a hangrail tube that fits into the bracket rings, plus end caps that cover the rings at either end. This tidy and easy to store hangrail combo can be used for clothing and garment displays. The hangrail tube is available in three different sizes from 600mm to 1200mm.
  • Direct wall mount faceout brackets – these straight, square tube displays are 300mm long and are fitted with a ball at the end to stop product slippage. Faceout brackets are great for hangsell garment displays in stores that have a lot of stock to display on hangers.
  • Direct wall mount waterfall brackets – waterfall brackets are similar to faceout brackets but angled downwards and fitted with 7 balls or pins so that garments can be displayed in a staggered formation at an even distance from each other. This often suits more upmarket stores who favour spaced-out and neat displays over filling brackets with as much merchandise as possible. Waterfall tubes are available in 450mm length.

How to attach wall mount brackets

Brackets are easy to attach and can be put into place in minutes as long as you have the necessary tools. All you will need is a drill, some small screws and a pencil, plus a spirit level if you are putting up shelving.

  • Firstly, decide where you want to place the brackets. It is recommended to spend some time planning your store layout before attaching wall mount brackets so as to avoid wasting time and effort rearranging everything. The optimal display space is eye level or just below, so bear that in mind when working out where to put shelving. Hangsell is ideally just below eye level.
  • Make sure that the walls you drill into are solid and that you don’t drill through any piping or electric cables. If you drill into softer surfaces, e.g. plasterboard, brackets might not stay in place and won’t be able to hold heavy loads.
  • For wall bracket shelving and hangrail tubing, use a spirit level to make sure that everything is level. As well as being aesthetically unpleasing, wonky shelves and displays may lead to products sliding to one end or falling to the floor.
  • Place the brackets against the wall and mark the spots that need to be drilled (the holes in the metal back plates) with a pencil. Then drill the screw holes with the appropriate drill bit for your wall type. Double-check everything is level and make any adjustments before you fit the screws.
  • Secure the bracket in place by fitting the screws through the bracket’s screw holes and the holes you’ve drilled into the wall. It may help to have an extra pair of hands holding the bracket in place while you do this.
  • Once the bracket is securely in position, you can start adding your products (if hangsell displays) or putting your shelves into place (if shelving brackets).

Where can direct wall mount brackets be used?

Wall mount fixtures and fittings are flexible in that they can be used in pretty much any retail space. Here are a few examples of some of the stores and store spaces that can make good use of these bracket attachments:

  • Clothing stores – can make use of accessories such as faceouts, waterfalls and hangrails to display garments including t-shirts, shirts, pullovers, coats, skirts and trousers. Folded garments can also be placed on traditional glass or melamine shelving. Direct mount brackets suit both designer boutique stores that want to go for a more minimalist look, as well as discount and second-hand clothing stores that might not be able to afford more expensive slat panel units.
  • Sports stores – similar to clothing establishments, can use the various hang display accessories for football tops, rugby tops, running vest, hi-viz tops, etc, while standard shelving can be used to stack or display a range of sporting equipment.
  • Book stores – new or second-hand stores that have endless piles of books to sell can create sturdy wall-mounted shelving systems that will stand up to sustained browsing and be able to cope with heavy loads.
  • Gift stores – products such as ornamental gifts and glass or ceramic nick-nacks can be attractively displayed on neat wall-mounted glass shelves, with spotlights directed at them for added focus. If the gift store sells clothing items, e.g. commemorative t-shirts, then waterfalls or faceouts can be put to good use to arrange a nice hangsell display.
  • Discount stores – can take advantage of the load-bearing capacity of wall-mounted shelves to stack multiple items in a cost-effective manner if wall panels or free-standing gondola units are considered a nit too pricey.
  • Store rooms – from book shops to clothing stores, newsagents to chemists, supermarkets to hardware stores, metal brackets can be used to meet a range of shelving and hang display needs in back rooms and storage areas.

Advantages of using wall mounted brackets

Wall mounted fixtures offer a number of advantages to retailers. Some of the reasons why they are popular include:

Durability – as these fittings attach firmly into the walls and are held in place by screws, they last a long time if fixed in properly. Both shelving and hang display brackets give stores the capacity to place large quantities of products and heavy loads on display without the danger of anything coming loose or unattached. The chrome metal is a durable material that doesn’t wear or tear, meaning that metal brackets have a lifespan of many years.

Affordability – brackets cost under $10 (apart from the hangrail set which is $11.95) so they are an ideal option for stores looking to showcase large amounts of merchandise on a budget.

Neatness – the brackets reduce the need for additional fixtures and fittings, allowing for extra browsing space. As they are attached to the wall, you won’t have a problem with displays becoming dislodged or customers removing brackets from the units. This also saves stores time when rearranging displays at the end of the day.

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