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Frameless Glass Display Cabinet Showcase

Our frameless glass display cabinets are the perfect feature for any display application. Keep all of your collectibles and valuable items safe and secure in one of these shop display showcase cabinets that come in a range of models complete with quality push lock mechanism, commercial grade door track system and toughened safety glass panel construction. These shop display cabinets come with options to maximise your display feature and increase sales revenue, including LED and halogen lighting options and even mirror back panels. Cabinets are available in tower units of up to 2100mm high to suit all retail purposes.

What are frameless glass display cabinets?

Frameless display showcase glass cabinets are vertical glass display systems mounted on a solid plinth base. These retail display cabinets are made from toughened 6mm safety glass and differ from many other types of glass-based display showcase cabinets as they do not have a frame. Many display cabinets are fitted with an aluminium, or sometimes wooden, frame but our frameless range is constructed entirely from sheets of toughened glass which are fitted together with steel connectors. This gives the cabinets the added benefit of being more lightweight and saving on space without compromising the sturdiness of design.

These shop display cabinets are available in different models and sizes, all of them fitted with interior glass shelves and either sliding or hinged glass doors. They are perfect for showcasing rare artefacts, decorative models, trophies, medals, expensive merchandise, antiques and much more. Together with the lighting and mirror back panel options, glass showcase display cabinets can be used to bring any display area to life and draw attention towards prime retail stock. Cabinets can be placed anywhere in the store, up against walls, close to the counter, in shop aisles, or in window spaces to create innovative and attractive retail displays.

Features of frameless glass display cabinets

All of our glass display cabinets are of premium quality design and each one comes with:

  • lockable sliding or hinged glass doors made from toughened safety glass
  • adjustable glass shelves
  • casing made from 6mm toughened safety glass
  • safe and secure push lock or key lock system
  • base plinth
  • supplied in DIY kit form for easy assembly

Optional extras for these cabinets include:

  • LED or halogen spot lighting or strip lighting
  • mirror back panels to give extra light and appearance of additional space
  • wood melamine storage cabinet on top of the base plinth for extra storage space

Types of glass display cabinets

We have a range of glass display cabinets for sale to suit individual retail store requirements. Our current models stocked include:

  • Mirror back frameless tower display showcase – these narrow tower display cabinets are our smallest model and perfect for trophies, jewellery and other collectibles in independent stores. The mirror back panel will add a layer of visual appeal and there is a great LED strip light option. Comes with hinged door and 4 internal shelves with chrome supports. Model size is 510mm width x 510mm depth x 2170mm height.
  • Frameless glass shop display showcase – this model is wider than the tower display cabinet but not quite as high. It comes with an optional mirror back panel and sliding doors together with quality push lock. This display cabinet comes with 4 adjustable glass shelves and can be fitted with LED box or strip lighting. Model size is 410mm depth x 1870mm height. Available in two widths – 900mm and 1200mm.
  • Large frameless glass shop display showcase – similar to the standard frameless glass display showcase but larger and with an additional adjustable shelf. Optional black light pelmet available to fit LED or halogen spot lights. Model size is 410mm depth x 1870 height. Available in two widths – 1500mm and 1800mm.
  • Deluxe frameless glass shop display showcase – this is our largest frameless display model, perfect for department store spaces, museums or stores that sell large quantities or valuable or rare merchandise such as electronics stores or collectors stores. Features lockable sliding doors, 5 adjustable clear span shelves (no division in the middle) and optional LED spot light fittings. Model size is 510 depth x 1870 height. Three width sizes available – 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.
  • Deluxe frameless display cabinet with storage – this display cabinet is mounted on a beautiful brushed silver storage unit for extra space. Fitted with sliding doors and 3 adjustable shelves. Model size including storage cabinet is 510mm depth x 1870 height. Available in three widths – 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

Where can frameless glass display cabinets be used?

Shop glass display cabinets can brighten up any retail establishment no matter what the size or type. They are particularly well suited to places selling or displaying valuables or rarities. Examples of where they can be put to good use include:

  • Collectors stores – these units help to keep collectibles and antiques such as figurines, medals, rare books and antique toys in tip-top condition and protected from browsers.
  • Arts and crafts stores – the elegant frameless display units fit in nicely with chic arts and crafts stores who favour an innovative and eye-catching layout. Store owners can get creative with the spotlighting and mirror back panel options to arrange fetching displays.
  • Electronics stores – expensive mobile phones, laptops, tablets and gadgets can be viewed but not touched and shop-soiled from behind the toughened glass windows.
  • Clothing stores – designer boutiques in particular can make great use of glass display units to expensive brand name accessories such as handbags, scarves, gloves or even jewellery which can be laid out as part of a window or shop floor display.
  • Trophy stores – the bigger cabinet models are ideal for stores specialising in trophies and medals to safely and attractively showcase a range of silverware, commemorative plaques and other prizes and awards.
  • Jewellery stores – can display anything from necklaces to designer watches, with the multi shelf function allowing for extended product ranges to be displayed in a safe and well-organized way.
  • Museums – it’s not just retail stores that can benefits from these frameless glass cases. Museums or any public space exhibiting prized artefacts or memorabilia can benefit from investing in this convenient display solution.
  • Gift stores – expensive and beautiful gift products such as glassware or bone china tea sets can be effectively showcased in a fancy display underneath LED or halogen lighting.

Benefits of frameless glass display cabinets

Frameless glass cabinets bring a number of advantages to stores. These include:

They look great – these glass units fit in with any retail store environment and can provide a real focal point, drawing the attention of shoppers and casual browsers. Products can be placed vertically or horizontally on shelves, or even on individual display stands, while the optional lighting and mirrored glass features can add to the visual effects.

They are highly functional – all cabinet models are very easy to use and come in easy to assemble DIY kit form. Shelves are easily adjustable using the internal clips, doors have a simple push lock system and units can be cleaned with a simple daily or weekly wipe down, no fuss.

They are versatile – the range of models available means that there is something to suit all stores, from large department stores to small independent market retailers, and from upmarket designer brand stores to small family-run antiques businesses.

They are long-lasting – all products are constructed from highly durable toughened safety glass which can withstand strong impacts and won’t shatter if it does break. The glass is also resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains and can be kept in pristine condition if looked after properly.

They keep products safe and secure – products are on visible display but can’t be touched by customers unless under supervision from a member of staff, meaning that goods won’t get damaged, dirtied or stolen. It will also save time on having to endlessly rearrange displays at the end of each day.

They are a better use of space – the frameless design of these glass cases eliminates any waste on space, which might not seem like much but soon adds up for stores investing in multiple cabinets. Shelf space inside the cabinets is also maximised, which ultimately means that more products can be displayed and there is more space for browsers inside the store.

Glass display cabinet prices

  • Mirror back frameless tower display showcases – from $499.50 to $979.00 plus shipping costs
  • Frameless glass shop display showcases – from $589.95 to $1,098.00 plus shipping costs
  • Large frameless glass shop display showcases – from $950.50 to $1,499.95 plus shipping costs
  • Deluxe frameless glass shop display showcases – from $758.50 to $1,964.00 plus shipping costs
  • Deluxe frameless display cabinet with storage – from $589.00 to $1,300.50 plus shipping costs

We ship our glass display cabinets Australia-wide so, whether you’re in Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between, get in touch with us on 02 9608 5122 or email us at Our friendly staff can assist you to make the right purchase and meet any after sales service needs.

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