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Best Pharmacy Shelving for Australian Chemists

Pharmacy outlets are busy stores that sell a wide range of merchandise that comes in all shapes and sizes. They also have a quick turnaround of stock so need flexible and versatile shelving solutions to get the best out of their business. Shopfittings Direct can supply an extensive range of pharmacy shelving that can be used in pharmacy stores both big and small, ranging from counter-top displays to pharmacy gondola shelving. Whatever you offer in store, we’ve got the system to suit your needs.

To better support Australian businesses, we make our products available at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Shipped fully insured at some of the most affordable freight rates in the country, our shelving systems will help you make the most out of your retail space.

Shelving solutions for your pharmacy store

At Shopfittings direct, we understand that pharmacy stores stock a lot more than just boxed medication and need shelving and display systems that can help them market products of every shape and size. Products often found in chemists include bottles of cough syrup, toiletries and cosmetics, nappies and health products. Some bigger pharmacy stores may even branch out into food and drink, electronic goods and baby clothing.

Whatever your product range, our shelving for pharmacy stores can supply you with tailored display systems that will be highly versatile and flexible. Whether you are selling evergreen goods that need to be displayed all year round or seasonal promotional offers that need to be changed regularly, our systems come easy to use and fully functionable so even junior staff members will be able to rearrange displays in minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small store operating in a tight space or a large retailer with goods spread over a couple of floors.

Our types of pharmacy shelving include:

  • gondola shelving systems
  • slat panel display walls
  • display counters
  • glass displays
  • wall stripping
  • plastic brochure holders
  • retail display units
  • display wall accessories

Gondola shelving systems

Gondola shelving units are free-standing shelving systems that can be placed either up against shop walls or out on the shop floor to create aisles. They are particularly well-suited to bigger stores that have plenty of browsing space and can fill their outlets with double-sided shelving units displaying both stacked and hung products. The benefits of gondola units are their flexibility, as they can be moved around the store and each individual unit can be rearranged using a variety of display accessories.

Gondola units come in three different main types – slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh. All three are highly flexible, have good load-bearing capacity and can be fitted with a range of moveable accessories to display anything from stacks of boxed medicines or hair-dyes to hairbrushes or shoe insoles displayed in a hangsell formation using hooks and prongs. These pharmacy fixtures and shelving range in price from around $85 for some of the single-sided units to around $600 for the larger double-sided systems.

Slat panel display walls

Whereas gondola units can be moved around the store, slat display walls are panels that are fixed to external store walls. They still offer great flexibility as the slat panels, which are horizontal strips separated by grooved inserts, can be fitted with conventional shelving as well as accessories including hooks, prongs, display baskets, hangrails and dump bins. These display walls are great if you require something that’s more secure for your store walls than moveable units pushed up against the wall.

Display walls can be used for a variety of stacked goods such as cosmetics, hair products and suncream as well as hangsell accessories. Individual walls come in different colours and sizes, with prices ranging from around $75 to around $175.

Display counters

Display counters are a great way of turning your point-of-sale area into extra retail space and advertising products to customers as they wait to pay for goods. They are effectively used in a whole range of retail environments, including pharmacies. Counter units range from wooden POS counters that can accommodate various counter-top displays including spinner displays and small acrylic cases, to glass combination showcases that can be used to attractively display valuable or delicate products.

Pharmacy stores can display an array of products in point-of-sale areas, from everyday convenience items such as tissues and cotton buds to valuable perfumes or expensive electric shaver kits. Prices for full-size counter units vary between from around $350 to around $750.

Glass display units

If your store sells valuable, rare or fragile merchandise, or even just products that might look great in a special display, then glass display units can be a good investment. These showcase counters can be placed anywhere on the shop floor and come in a variety of sizes and frameless/semi-framed styles. They include internal glass shelving, lockable doors for added security, and additional optional features such as LED lighting and mirror-back panels.

Glass display units can be a great way of showcasing expensive designer perfumes and after-shave products as well as other elite cosmetics. Products can range from between around $500 to around $2,000.

Wall stripping

Wall stripping is the ideal solution if you want something simple, affordable and no messing. It is metal strips that attach vertically to store walls using screws. The strips contain slots (either single-slot or double-slot) that can be fitted with traditional shelving or accessories such as hangrails. These are perfect for stores that want more permanent shop fittings and shelving systems that offer maximum durability. Products that pharmacy stores can display using wall strips include stacked boxed or bottled products, hygiene products such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, rows of nail polish, or baby costumes using the hangrail displays. Strips are very affordably priced, ranging from $8 for single-slot strips to around $18 for some of the double-slot products.

Plastic brochure holders

These perspex holders are suitable for pharmacy counters and shelving and can be used to display informational and promotional literature such as health brochures and special offers. If your store often has such materials to distribute and you find yourself with untidy piles of paper on the counter, these holders can come in handy to keep everything neat and organized. Brochure holders come in a range of styles and sizes to hold leaflets and booklets of A4, A5, DL and 1/3 A4 size. Holder styles include counter-standing holders which simply perch on the counter to form a point-of-sale display, wall-mounted holders that can fit conveniently between display racks or near the store entrance, and rotating modular stands for stores with a lot of literature to display and space to accommodate a spinning stand. Prices range from under $5 to around $250 for some of the more detailed wall-mounted kits.

Retail displays

Retail displays include an assortment of tailored display systems that can be placed in and around the store to catch the attention of customers. Examples of retail displays that can be used in pharmacy stores include:

  • Acrylic display stands – a range of display products including stepped risers, tiered stands, acrylic steps and small display cases which can be used to display perfumes and expensive cosmetics such as nail polish
  • Wire display bins – if you have loose, awkwardly-shaped merchandise, for example packets of hair-bands or small fluffy childs’ toys, these can be safely displayed in a wire dump bin or stand placed on the store floor.
  • Display spinners – available in sizes suitable for display both on counter-top and shop floor, spinners are great for merchandise such as sunglasses.
  • Sign holders – if you want to display information around the store such as item prices, store notices or directional signs, these holder systems are available as counter-stands, free-standing floor displays and shop rack attachments.

Display panel accessories

If you invest in gondola shelving systems or slat wall panel fittings, you will find a number of accessories in addition to standard shelving that can be used to enhance and diversify your pharmacy display areas. All fittings easily slide in and out of slat wall, pegboard and grid mesh systems for maximum convenience. Display panel accessories include:

  • Prongs and hooks – these can be used for the hangsell of products ranging from lip balms and plug adaptors to travel bags and hot water bottles
  • Metal accessories – these include hooks that can be used for bathroom mirrors, hangrails for clothing garment displays, and specialized holders that can be used for spherical products
  • Acrylic shelves, bins and stands – individual shelves can be used to showcase products such as expensive shaving kits, while acrylic bins are ideal for small, loose items such as tissue packs

At Shopfittings Direct, we have a vast range of pharmacy shelving for sale at great prices including affordable shipping. We supply to pharmacy stores as well as other retail outlets all across Australia. You can visit us in our Sydney showroom or contact us to enquire about products or get advice from one of our specialists. You can call on 02 9608 5122 or email

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