Create a Nice Hangsell Retail Feature with Display Hooks

If you have a display wall in your store, then display hooks are a great accessory to use to create a hangsell display. Arranging products by hangsell is beneficial because it allows you to put more items on display while keeping things tidy. It’s also easy and convenient for customers to remove and replace products. Hooks are easy to attach, remove and move on slatwall, pegboard and wire mesh displays so are a practical and inexpensive solution for stores of all types.

Mesh Flipper Scan Display Hooks

Types of display hooks

There are different types of hooks available for different products and types of wall units. All can be used to create stylish hangsell displays in your retail store. Hooks that can be purchased include:

  • Slatwall hooks – these prongs come in standard and heavy duty models (for larger items) and slide conveniently into slatwall grooves.
  • Pegboard hooks – also available in standard and heavy duty, these hooks are easily attached by pushing into the pegboard holes.
  • Wire mesh hooks – similar designs made to fit square mesh and slatmesh display units.
  • Loop hooks – the loop design is great for displaying packaged goods.
  • Picture hooks – specially designed shorter hooks that can be used to display pictures, mirrors and clocks.
  • Flipper scan hooks – used for displaying pricing and product descriptions.

Slatwall display ideas using hooks

You can incorporate hooks into your slatwall retail display system very easily, and the versatility of hooks means that you can change displays according to the season and run different hangsell promotions across the seasons. Hooks fit nicely alongside other slatwall display accessories such as stands, shelves and display bins. Retailers such as sports stores and clothing stores can put hooks to great use selling hangsell accessories as part of a gondola or wall-mounted display. Hooks for slatwall can also be modified to sell musical instruments such as guitars, so these are a popular addition to music stores.

Using hooks to create pegboard displays

Hooks are popular on pegboard displays  units where maximising the use of space is often one of the key objectives. Because hooks are very cheap, stores can buy in bulk and then use them to fill out pegboard panels with hangsell displays that are great for customer browsing. The type of stores that typically benefit from this are those with large quantities of packaged items to shift. These stores include hardware stores, who can display goods ranging from packets of screws to larger packaged tools; newsagents or stationers, who can use hooks for packaged items such as calculators, staplers or packets of sweets; and chemists or convenience stores that sell an array of packeted products that are better hung than displayed standing on a shelf.

Creating a wire mesh hook display

Those with wire mesh display panels can also benefit from hooks and hangsell displays. Mesh displays are popular with mobile market stalls due to their lightness of weight. Hooks can be used to showcase items such as chains and bracelets in trinket jewellery stores, or to hang bags and backpacks in a practical and easy-to-browse way, or perhaps to tidily display a discount range of mobile phone accessories. Discount stores can economise on space by using hooks to sell the varied range of products that come in clear plastic packaging. By having one product per hook, stores can create functional, uniform displays that take up minimal space and make it easier for shoppers to locate things.

Some products that can be displayed using hooks

Products that can be sold as part of a hangsell display include:

  • Handbags – also other clothing accessories such as belts. These goods can be hung by their straps or loops.
  • Children’s games and toys – any packeted games or toys such as figurines, small teddy bears or packets of crayons.
  • Packaged clothes – items such as shirts, underwear, gloves and scarves will often come pre-packaged with a holder that can be placed over a loop hook.
  • Necklaces and bracelets – jewellery and trinket shops can display less expensive jewellery goods loose as part of a hangsell display.
  • Tools – hardware or tool shops can hangsell tools such as saws.
  • Packets of confectionery – newsagents, grocers and confectionery stores can display packeted confectionery by hooks if the packets have a display hole at the top.
  • Packaged goods – any plastic packaged goods or small lightweight products that have packaging that enables them to be displayed for hangsell.
  • Picture frames – can be displayed with picture hooks, as can clocks, mirrors and certain other wall-mounted items.

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