Use Display Hooks To Hang Products And Get More On Show

While many countries are experiencing a slump in shop sales, retail in Australia continues to do well. Sales across the country reached over $27 million in December 2018. With the sector booming, it’s crucial for stores to stay at the front of the pack by doing all they can to attract customers. One sure-fire way of doing this is to get your store layout right to make it more browser-friendly, getting as much merchandise on display as you can without over-cramming things. Display hooks are a great accessory for this as you can use them to create hangsell displays, getting more goods on show while still keeping everything neat and organised. These easy-to-use shop fittings can be used with many types of display unit and are suitable for all types of retail store.


Creating a hangsell showcase with display hooks

Hangsell displays are a popular store layout alternative to stacked displays on standard shelving. The term “hangsell” comes from the way that products are hung rather than stacked or stood on display. Items are placed on display hooks and customers remove those that they want to purchase simply by sliding the item off the hook. Anything can be placed on hangsell as long as it has some form of mechanism (e.g. strap, tag or fixed attachment) to attach it to the display hook.

Display hooks are made from chrome-plated metal and are available in different sizes, styles and models that enable them to attach to different types of shop display units. The things that all hooks have in common is that they all have an attaching mechanism that allows them to fit easily in and out of the display unit, and they all bend upwards at a slight angle at the end to stop products from falling off and to the floor.

There are several different types of display hooks and fittings that can be used in stores to create attractive hangsell displays. These include:

  • Slatwall prongs – these are compatible with any type of slatwall display (fixed wall panel or gondola unit), sliding into the slat panel grooves.
  • Pegboard hooks – these are similar to slatwall prongs but are fitted with two mini prongs rather than a flat metal back plate so that they can fit into all types of pegboard displays.
  • Wire mesh display hooks – made to fit grid mesh wire display units, featuring a strong “C” section back plate that fits neatly over the mesh grid and holds in place.
  • Loop hooks – the loop design creates a wider hook which can be used to stop items from swinging or swivelling on the hooks.
  • Flipper scan hooks – hooks with an additional hook above that has an insert attached at the end for displaying product price or description.
  • Picture hooks – shorter, specifically designed to hold products such as picture frames, mirrors and clocks.

These display hooks all come in different sizes to suit all kinds of products be they small, large, lightweight or heavy.

How to use display hooks

Hooks are very easy to use as they slide in and out of display units without the need to screw them into place. You simply push the back plate on the hook into position and can then begin to arrange your hangsell display.

  • Slatwall displays – slatwall hooks have a flat metal back plate which slides in and under the slat panel grooves and holds in place.
  • Pegboard displays – pegboard hooks have a back plate that consists of two metal prongs that push into the pegboard holes.
  • Mesh wire displays – the C-shaped back plate clips over the top of the grid mesh unit.

Flat Metal Panel Flipper Scan Hooks (IFH-FP+RF80)

Using display hooks gives you extra flexibility when it comes to arranging stock. Whether you’re using slatwall, pegboard or mesh wire units, you can attach multiple hooks and place many items on each hook so you’ll find that you instantly gain extra display space. As hooks are easy to attach and move around, you can rearrange goods without any trouble, which is great for busy retailers or those with rapidly changing lines of stock. You can use the hooks on their own to create an entire wall of hangsell display, or mix things up and use them alongside other accessories such as traditional shelves, acrylic stands or display bins. They are suitable for products sold in a vast range of outlets including clothing stores, chemists, sports stores, hardware stores, newsagents, jewellers and discount stores.

Products that look good on a hangsell display

Worried about products taking up too much space on shelves or not getting enough exposure when placed in a dump bin? Hanging them on display hooks for shops solves these problems. The following products can benefit greatly from a hangsell display:

  • Clothing accessories – handbags, belts and scarves can all be displayed neatly by straps, buckles or tags.
  • Packaged clothes – many clothes come in packages designed to fit over a hook or a loop holder, including shirts, t-shirts and underwear.
  • Jewellery items – necklaces, bangles, bracelets and other jewellery products that aren’t too valuable can be draped over prongs.
  • Packeted products – goods such as packeted sweets or stationery products (e.g. pens, rubber bands) often come with a hangsell display hole or tag at the top, offering retail display solutions for newsagents, grocers, stationers, supermarkets, chemists and more.
  • Pre-packaged goods – similar to packeted products, smaller packaged goods often come in boxes that have tags or display holes for hangsell.
  • Tools – some tools sold in hardware or DIY stores can be displayed on hangsell by their handles using larger heavy duty hooks (e.g. saws, gardening spades).
  • Clocks – can be displayed using shorter picture hooks, as can mirrors, picture frames and certain other wall-mounted products.

The benefits of having a hangsell display

Hangsell arrangements utilising display hooks in Australia are popular with all types of retailer. Benefits of hangsell displays include that there are:

  • Cost-effective – the hooks themselves hardly cost anything so you won’t need to make much of an outlay even if you have a large store or a huge quantity of stock to shift. The true benefit with hangsell is that you can get far more stock out on display, meaning you can sell more. Each hook is sturdy and can hold multiple items, and you can line up many hooks per display panel.
  • Attractive – they keep the products very neat and orderly, stacked in a straight line with only the front item visible. The versatility of the displays gives store layout designers plenty of options so they can get creative and work on themed or colour-coded displays.
  • Practical – hangsell displays offer great practicality to shoppers. They can see everything clearly and it’s easy to remove or replace individual items without worrying about disturbing displays or placing things back in the wrong position. They take up less space so there’s more browsing area too.
  • Evergreen – hangsell is popular across the board and there is no danger that it will go out of fashion. As the display units and metal hooks are highly durable, you’ll only need to make the initial outlay on the hook accessories and you’ll have a display solution for life.

Where you can buy display hooks

You can purchase display hooks from many different suppliers. Online stores such as eBay and Amazon sell accessories such as these. You may also find supplies at your local hardware store. You need to make sure that you purchase the right type of hooks for your display units (e.g. if you have slatwall systems, you will need slatwall hooks), so the best place to shop for them is with a shop fittings specialist retailer. The benefits of shopping with a specialist supplier are that:

  • They are more likely to have a wider range of display hooks for sale, including loop hooks and flipper scan hooks, whereas stores that don’t specialise in retail hooks may only have one or two different models.
  • Specialist stores are usually able to supply in bulk at a cheaper price, so are more suitable if you’re looking to purchase a job lot.
  • Specialist suppliers can offer expert advice on your purchases and display options, as well as making sure that you’re buying the right type of hook.

Hooks can be bought individually or in packets (usually of around 20 per pack). Here is a rough guide of costs:

Slatwall hooks – between $0.70 and $1.60 per hook.

Pegboard hooks – between $0.40 and $1.50 per hook.

Wire grid mesh hooks – between $0.95 and $1.75 per hook

Loop hooks – between $1.00 and $1.50 per hook.

Flipper scan hooks – between $0.75 and $1.95 per hook.

Picture hooks – between $0.90 and $1.00 per hook.

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