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Gondola Feature End Bay

Shelving gondola feature end bays. Add on shelves & display hooks also available to create dense end displays and extra stock display.

Gondola systems are one of the most popular modern shop fitting types. These free-standing units come in many styles, designs and sizes and can be placed anywhere on the shop floor in pretty much any retail environment. Our wide range of gondola end bay units is perfect for creating that contained browsing space where you can make a feature of a particular product or sales promotion anywhere in the store. If you have standard gondola panels in your store, you can purchase a gondola end display to match your existing units to transform your retail space. This will enable you to maximise your product line and extend your display capacity throughout your store.

What is gondola end bay shelving?

Many contemporary retailers will be aware of gondola units. This accessible form of retailing store shelving is free-standing and can be used within the store to create aisles or standalone features. Units come in a variety of styles (slatwall, pegboard, grid mesh) which give flexibility in creating an assortment of displays such as hangsell or individual acrylic stand displays. Gondola end shelving allows you to extend your gondola shelving units by capping your displays with an attractive end feature that is fixed at 90 degrees to add browsability. These end bays come in the same range of styles as standard gondola shelving bays, meaning that they can be added quickly and without a fuss. Using our standard upright posts, standard back panels and bolt on stabilizing bars, simply connect to the first or last post of your gondola bay rows and start merchandising your products.

Features of our gondola end bays include:

  • sturdy slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh design that can accommodate traditional shelving or a range of gondola accessories
  • compact framework that easily attaches securely onto standard gondola panels
  • supply in kit form for economical shipping and ease of assembly

Types of gondola end bay shelving

These retail display shelves come in a variety of styles to match different gondola units. These include:

  • Metal slatwall gondola display ends – compatible with metal slatwall gondola units, with 300mm high panels that interlock to form a strong overall structure. Available to fit narrow, standard and extra deep bay sizes.
  • Grid mesh feature display end bays – compatible with lightweight grid mesh units. These are see-through units fixed with structural bracking bars to adjoining double-sided bays. Best suited with standard grid mesh gondolas and available in a range of sizes.
  • Pegboard feature display end bays – available to suit either flat or volcano metal pegboard units. These end bays come in various different sizes which are made to fit narrow, standard and deep bay model types.

Gondola end bays can be fitted with the same variety of shelving accessories as standard gondola shelving. This includes:

  • traditional metal shelving
  • wire front fences and dividers
  • metal gondola wire baskets
  • metal hooks, prongs, faceouts and waterfalls for hangsell displays
  • acrylic stands, shelves and holders
  • flat and hanging data strips
  • metal base kick plates

Where gondola end bay shelving can be used

This retail gondola shelving can be put to great use in almost any retail environment, including:

  • Pharmacy stores – can be used to create a feature for medicines or hygiene products on traditional shelves, while accessories such as plasters and bandages can be showcased on metal hooks in a hangsell display
  • Hardware stores – slatwall and pegboard end bays can be used to great effect to display both large, heavy tools or gardening equipment, and smaller packets of screws and nails by hangsell or in acrylic containers
  • Toy stores – can utilise end bays to make a feature of a promotional toy item (e.g. around Christmas) or to create a sale display for toys or books using acrylic shelves, dump bins or metal hangsell accessories.
  • Shoe stores – slatwall models are perfect for accommodating specially designed individual shoe stands to create an effective display wall
  • Stationery stores – can make use of pegboard or slatwall for space-saving hangsell display features of packeted or packaged goods
  • Clothing stores – can make use of end bay units to create individual displays of different garments (e.g. tops, trousers, accessories) throughout the store.
  • Discount stores – can utilise hangsell, plastic containers and wire baskets to get as much merchandise onto the shop floor as possible. The end bay units enable stores to maximise the use of their floor space and kit the store out with extra merchandise.

Benefits of gondola end bay shelving

Stores can enjoy the many different advantages of attaching end bay units to their gondola shelving. Feature end bay systems offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to maximise display space – one of the greatest advantages of gondola shelving is that its flexibility and load-bearing capacity enables retailers to put out greater volumes of merchandise using the range of hangsell, shelving and dump bin accessories. End bays give you that additional display space at the end of standard browsing aisles, allowing you to turn what would otherwise be dead space into extra profit.
  • More innovative display formations – you can use end bays to deviate from the traditional rows of shop aisles to create standalone features throughout the store, using individual double-sided gondola displays with an end bay feature attached to create fetching T-shaped displays throughout the store. These can be used to highlight anything from seasonal clothing collections to January sales promotions.
  • Great flexibility for all stores – whether slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh, gondola shelving can be fitted with all modern metal, acrylic and wire accessories that can be changed in no time at all as often as you want. Gondola end bays give stores that extra flexible space to arrange browser-friendly displays that will be sure to keep customers coming back time and again.

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